Brannon W., Orlando, FL

April 6, 2015 – “Hi Melody… your gesture says a lot about your organization. In my company we run across similar situations in which we have unfortunate circumstances take place outside of our control. We instituted a simple philosophy called “making it right by our guests” and it has served us very well over the years. I’m glad to see a fellow company that values the client so highly. I would like to recognize a very talented young lady within your company named Jenna. Upon waking up the second morning to the relaxing sound of the jackhammers, I was a bit irritated. When I reached out to Great Ocean, Jenna’s demeanor immediately diffused my frustration with a sympathetic and caring reaction. In addition, she rectified the situation with remarkable speed. I was beyond impressed. Please relay my sentiments to whomever owns Great Ocean Condos, you have quite an asset on your staff. Thanks again, Melody.”

— Brannon W., Orlando, FL