Cecilia C., Lutz, FL

December 8, 2014- “Such a great Thanksgiving!!! From the minute we decided spend this holiday in New Smyrna up to the time we got back home….everything was awesome!!¬†Our first step was looking for a place to stay…not easy to accommodate 2 families (9 in total). So after searching for a while, and getting confused and frustrated at the web, I decided to call one of the places that advertise in New Smyrna, Great Ocean condos. Best decision ever!!! They worked with us all the time, they listened our needs, they worked around our budget and they took care of all minimum details to makes us feel at home. The apartment at Oceanwalk was super clean, very, very comfortable and fully equipped. Our apartment was the 9-204, but I will recommend any other one in the same condo under Great ocean supervision. A big Thanks to all the staff, even if I talked with a couple of them, they are in the exactly same page….100% customer satisfaction.
New Smyrna is a beautiful town with amazing beaches and a waterfront loop that you will love.”

— Cecilia C., Oceanwalk 9 Unit 204