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Our Top 4 Favorite Golf Courses in New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, isn’t just a hotspot for those looking to soak up the sun; it’s also a golfer’s paradise. The town boasts an array of scenic and challenging golf courses, each offering a distinct mix of natural beauty, strategic layouts, and excellent amenities. 

From the tranquil fairways of Hidden Lakes Golf Course, where you might catch sight of local wildlife, to the prestigious New Smyrna Golf Club, designed by the famous Donald Ross, there’s something here for every golfer. 

Add to the list The Club at Venetian Bay and The Preserve at Turnbull Bay, and you have a complete lineup that caters to beginners and seasoned players alike. If you’re a serious golfer looking to test your skills or just someone who enjoys a game in a beautiful setting, New Smyrna Beach’s golf courses are sure to provide memorable experiences. 

Join us as we take a closer look at each course, highlighting what makes them some of the top spots to play in the area.

Hidden Lakes Golf Course

Hidden Lakes Golf Course in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, attracts golfers of every skill level with its engaging layout and beautiful surroundings. This par-69 course is spread across a landscape that mixes flat areas with gentle hills, featuring well-kept greens and wide fairways that cater to both bold players and those who play it safe.

The course is celebrated for its thoughtful design, which includes water hazards and bunkers that challenge players to make precise and strategic shots. The standout holes, especially the 8th and 15th, blend difficulty with beauty, incorporating natural bodies of water that not only add to the aesthetics but also test a golfer’s precision. The greens are covered in Bermuda grass, which is famous for its quick and smooth roll, enhancing the playing experience.

A key highlight of Hidden Lakes is its dedication to preserving the natural environment. The management is proactive about maintaining the local wildlife habitats on the premises, allowing players to occasionally spot Florida’s native birds and other wildlife during their game.

The amenities at Hidden Lakes are also a big draw. The clubhouse offers a warm welcome with a well-stocked pro shop and knowledgeable staff ready to assist with course tips or equipment selection. The restaurant and bar serve a variety of food and drinks, perfect for unwinding after a game.

For those looking to improve their skills, the course provides excellent instructional opportunities with experienced PGA professionals. Whether you’re starting out or fine-tuning your game, the practice facilities, which include a driving range, putting green, and a chipping area with sand traps, are ideal for enhancing every aspect of your play.

Hidden Lakes is appreciated for its welcoming, player-friendly environment. The course offers a range of tee times to suit all schedules, and its easy-to-use online booking system makes securing a spot simple. With competitive rates and various membership packages, it’s an attractive option for both locals and visitors seeking a high-quality golf experience at a reasonable price.

In sum, Hidden Lakes Golf Course offers a perfect mix of challenge and accessibility, making it a beloved spot in the New Smyrna Beach golf community. With its scenic beauty, excellent facilities, and commitment to service, it promises a memorable outing for every golfer who visits.

New Smyrna Golf Club

New Smyrna Golf Club

New Smyrna Golf Club is a top choice for golfers visiting New Smyrna Beach, Florida. This public golf course is famous for its impeccably kept fairways and engaging layout, catering to players at all levels. Stretching across a verdant landscape, the course beautifully integrates the natural scenery of the area into its design.

The course itself is an 18-hole, par 72 setup that spans just over 6,500 yards from the furthest tees. Crafted by the esteemed golf architect Donald Ross, his signature style is visible in the thoughtful arrangement of the course and the strategic use of hazards. The front nine offers wide fairways, providing a forgiving game for beginners. In contrast, the back nine ups the ante with tighter fairways and various water obstacles that require careful planning and precision.

A notable aspect of the New Smyrna Golf Club is its greens. Renowned for their quick pace and rolling contours, they challenge players to master their short game. These tricky greens, combined with the breezy conditions that often prevail, add an extra layer of challenge, pushing even seasoned golfers to their limits.

The club doesn’t just shine on the course—it’s also well-equipped with excellent amenities. The clubhouse features a pro shop stocked with the latest in golf equipment and clothing. The staff are welcoming and professional, enhancing the overall experience. Comprehensive practice facilities include a driving range, putting green, and chipping area, perfect for sharpening all aspects of your game. For those looking to improve, the club offers professional golf lessons and group clinics.

Moreover, New Smyrna Golf Club plays a vital role in the community by hosting numerous local tournaments and events that attract participants from across the region. These gatherings underscore the club’s role as a community hub and help to promote the sport within New Smyrna Beach.

Location is another great benefit of the club. Situated close to downtown New Smyrna Beach, it’s easily accessible for a day trip. With competitive rates for locals and visitors alike, the club is an affordable option for everyone interested in playing a round.

New Smyrna Golf Club offers a compelling golf experience that blends challenging play with top-notch amenities and a friendly community atmosphere. The course has something for everyone, from casual players to serious golfers, and its scenic beauty and outstanding facilities make it a must-visit for anyone wanting to play a round in New Smyrna Beach. Looking to enjoy a leisurely game or really test your skills? New Smyrna Golf Club welcomes you with its picturesque setting and excellent facilities.

The Club at Venetian Bay

The Club at Venetian Bay

The Club at Venetian Bay beckons golf enthusiasts with its scenic beauty and challenging gameplay. Designed by the acclaimed architect trio Clifton, Ezell, and Clifton, this course melds seamlessly with its residential surroundings and the natural landscape. It stretches over 6,918 yards from the longest tees, offering a par-72 layout that tests golfers of all levels with its mix of straightforward and complex holes.

The course starts with a front nine that weaves through native marsh areas and bodies of water, demanding precision and careful choice of clubs. The back nine presents wider fairways and larger greens, providing opportunities for recovery and strong finishes. Each hole on the course brings unique challenges, from avoiding strategically placed bunkers to managing doglegs.

Highlighting Venetian Bay are its impeccably maintained greens, which feature TifEagle Bermuda grass known for its smooth and fast surfaces ideal for putting, ensuring excellent playability throughout the year. The fairways are equally well kept, promoting good ball lies and a fair test of skills.

Beyond golf, Venetian Bay promotes a lifestyle of relaxation and community engagement. The clubhouse, designed in Mediterranean style, is the heart of social and recreational activities here. It offers dining options that range from light lunches to upscale dinners and hosts various social events and golf tournaments, creating a lively community atmosphere.

The club also provides comprehensive practice facilities, including a full driving range, a putting green, and a chipping area with sand traps, where golfers can hone their skills. Golf pros offer personalized instruction for all skill levels, helping members improve their game.

Venetian Bay takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and environmental care. The course management employs responsible water practices and integrates wildlife conservation efforts, preserving the local ecosystem and enhancing the area’s natural beauty.

The Club at Venetian Bay delivers a well-rounded golf experience with its challenging course, excellent maintenance, and superb amenities. It remains a favorite among locals and visitors in New Smyrna Beach, inviting anyone looking for a memorable round of golf in a friendly and picturesque setting.

The Preserve at Turnbull Bay

The Preserve at Turnbull

The Preserve at Turnbull Bay is a must-visit for golf lovers in New Smyrna Beach, thanks to its challenging layout and stunning scenery. Located by the serene Turnbull Bay, this course provides an engaging and strategic game for all golfing abilities.

The course is celebrated for its seamless integration with the natural surroundings, featuring expansive fairways flanked by lush native vegetation and an abundance of wildlife. Its design strikes a fine balance between playability and environmental preservation, offering a peaceful backdrop while challenging golfers to play with precision and strategy. The variety of holes, ranging from lengthy par-fives to complex par-threes, ensures a dynamic playing experience.

A key feature of The Preserve at Turnbull Bay is its well-maintained greens, which are both quick and consistent. These greens challenge players with their subtle slopes and contours that require careful consideration and a soft touch. Coupled with strategically placed bunkers and water hazards, golfers need to think through each hole and plan their shots carefully.

The course also caters to golfers of all levels with multiple tee boxes. This makes The Preserve a welcoming spot for both experienced players and those just spending a weekend on the greens. This inclusivity is part of what makes The Preserve so popular among both locals and visitors eager for a round of golf in a beautiful setting.

Moreover, The Preserve at Turnbull Bay boasts top-notch facilities to enhance the golfing experience. The clubhouse is equipped with a comprehensive pro shop, a relaxing dining area, and a practice area featuring a driving range and putting green. This allows golfers to hone their skills before tackling the course.

The staff at The Preserve are known for their friendly hospitality and expert service, adding to the warm atmosphere that makes this course a highlight in New Smyrna Beach. Their commitment to making each visit an amazing one is clear from the moment you step onto the course.

In all, The Preserve at Turnbull Bay blends challenge, beauty, and calm to offer more than just a round of golf but a delightful experience. With its thoughtful design and commitment to preserving a pristine environment, it provides not just a game, but an enriching experience you won’t forget in a hurry. It’s a great golfing venue for anyone aiming to test their skills or simply wanting to enjoy the natural surroundings.

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