Sea Coast Gardens Rules And Regulations


Complex Rules and Regulations for guests of Great Ocean Condos staying at Sea Coast Gardens

A. On Site Office: For your comfort and convenience, we have an On-Site Office at Sea Coast Gardens. It is located in the common club house by the pools. Our office is the left as you enter from the pool-side. Our On-Site manager is available to assist you during normal business hours.

B. Parking: You are required to use parking passes and with one you will be guaranteed one parking space which will be numbered. The numbered spot corresponding to your rental condominium will be noted in your Check-In Information. If you have additional vehicles, they will also be required to have a parking pass and they must be parked in a space marked “Guest”. You may pick up your parking passes at our On-Site Office. We cannot guarantee the safety or security of your vehicle. All parking is at your own risk. If our On-Site Office is closed upon your arrival, please secure passes the next time we are open. Failure to obey posted parking restrictions may result in your vehicle being towed at your sole expense.

C. Boat, Motorcycle and Trailer Parking: Boat, motorcycle and trailer parking cannot be guaranteed. You will need to check with us BEFORE you depart for Sea Coast Gardens regarding the availability of parking for trailers and boats as there are additional restrictions as to length, width and length of stay. Additionally, during peak season weeks, there will be no additional parking available. We cannot guarantee the safety or security of your boat or motorcycle. All parking is at your own risk.

D. Security: Sea Coast Gardens requires the use of wristbands to access the various amenities and to ensure proper ingress and egress to and from the beach. Your bands are in your rental property. Please sign in any visitor you have at the office first. Additional wristbands issued by the office must be returned to the office to avoid any additional charges. In addition, you will be charged for any of your rental property’s wristbands that are lost or missing.

E. Luggage Carts/Grocery Carts: These are available for your convenience and that of other guests and owners. Please return carts to their appropriate location.

F. Trash: Each floor has a trash chute for trash removal. Please place all trash in a tightly tied plastic bag and place any trash from your rental condominium into these chutes. Please do not dispose of trash earlier than 8:00am or later than 8:00 pm. Items too large for chutes, such as boxes, must be carried to the first floor and placed in the dumpster. Please make sure the doors to the dumpster area are closed and secured. Trash cans at elevators are NOT for garbage from your rental condominium. In addition, there may be a Recycle Bin included. Though, its use is not required, the Recycle Area is marked with a sign and is located on the ground floor adjacent to the parking lot.

G. Towels/Clothes: No towels, clothes or other items may be draped over balcony rails or concrete walls.

H. Hallways: Hallways must be kept clear to conform to fire and safety regulations. Please do not leave anything in the hallways.

I. Smoking: All rental condominiums are Non-Smoking, including on the balconies. There are absolutely no exceptions. There is evidence of smoking in your rental condominium, you will be charged a $500 fee and asked to vacate your rental condominium immediately.

J. Elevators: Please instruct your children not to play in the elevators.

K. Car Rinsing: Facilities are provided just inside the wall on the Atlantic Avenue side of the condominium complex. Please turn off water and return hose to hanger.

L. Laundry Rooms: Laundry rooms are located on each floor by the elevators at the east and west ends of each building. Washers and dryers are coin-operated. Please help us keep the laundry facilities clean. Beach sand is a problem when washing beach towels and bathing suits, so please check the tub and dryers before you leave to see that no sand is left in the machines. Please turn off all lights, close windows and lock the door when leaving. Laundry rooms are locked at all times. You will be given a special laundry key labeled “L & S” when you check-in.

M. Pest Control: All properties are sprayed once a month. Please call our On-Site Office if additional service is needed.

N. Maintenance/Repair: Please call our office if you have any problems. If need be, we can arrange service for plumbing, electrical, flooring, windows and doors, air conditioners and appliances.

O. Skateboards: Skateboarding is not permitted anywhere in the Sea Coast Gardens condominium complex.

P. Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Frisbee, Other Games: Games are not to be played in the courtyard, near the buildings, or in and around the parking lot. The best place for playing these games is on the beach.

Q. Shuffleboard: Children under the age of 5 are not permitted on the shuffleboard courts. Ages 5 through 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please use the equipment carefully. All equipment must be signed in/out and picked up at returned to our on-site office.

R. Recreational Activities: Planned and other recreational activities vary with the season and you should check the notice boards in the clubhouse for current upcoming events.

S. Grilling: For your use there is a grill located behind the Common Clubhouse in the courtyard area. Use is on a first come, first serve basis by using the sign-up sheet. Please clean the grill after your use to prevent excessive grease buildup which could start a fire. A $50 fee may be charged to your credit card if the grill is not cleaned.

T. Swimming Pool: The swimming pools are open from 9:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Swimming attire must be worn and no cut-offs are allowed. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Children under 3 years of age MUST wear SWIMMIES. Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult. Chairs/lounges are not to be taken from the pool deck or beach deck for use on the beach. Glassware is NOT permitted in the pool area for safety reasons. Additional Pool Rules are posted in the pool area.

U. Seagulls: Seagulls may NOT be fed anywhere on the Sea Coast Gardens Condominium Complex property. Feeding them can cause the birds to lose fear of humans which can be dangerous for them and infectious diseases can be spread from their droppings.

V. Sea Turtles. The Sea Turtle Season in Volusia County is May 1st through October 1st. All posted lighting restrictions must be observed during this time. Volusia County authorities do issue citations for violations.

V. Pets. Pets are only permitted if your Tenant Agreement identifies your rental property as Pet Friendly and provides for you having a pet. All other pets are prohibited.

U. Tenant Reservations. Except for Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, reservations shall have a seven night minimum.