Doug S. BSV

May 13, 2017- My family just arrived home from our week-long stay at Beachside Vista and we all agree that this oceanfront home is definitely a place we would like to visit again. The home is tastefully updated in the necessary spots but doesn’t take away from the charm of the concrete block home. The home resides pretty much in the middle of the “drive” beach, which provided a best case scenario on a crowded weekend day. Monday-Friday on NSB is as good as it gets with little to no traffic, exactly the reason why we keep coming back to our favorite Florida town. The ocean front porch provides seating for many with an awesome view of the sunrise which we took advantage of as often as possible. There is a utility box provided with beach chairs and several foam boogie boards to use as well as an outdoor grill. We did have an issue with the dryer not being able to dry our towels and clothing, but we didn’t stress over it because we were on the beach after all. Overall Beachside Vista hit all the bullet points for myself and my family, and we would definitely consider coming back again.

— Doug S., Indianapolis, IN, Beachside Vista