Joisane G., ER115

April 13, 2019- “We had a great time at apt 115 Errol by the Sea for our recent stay. My husband and I were visiting New Smyrna with our young daughter and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Apt 115 was immaculate with everything we could have wanted or needed. The highest praise I can offer was that it was just so EASY to stay there. From booking to arrival we had no problems. The kitchen was fully stocked, and everything from sheets, to bathrooms was clean and comfortable. We had debated about a property on a higher floor or this ground floor unit and I’m so glad we chose this one. The view was great and it was so easy for our little daughter to get up in the morning and head straight out to the beach! Plus the fact that we were able to park right outside the door which made bringing in the luggage significantly easier! Errol by the Sea as a property is so great! It may not look as flash as some of the high rises as you drive down the street but we didn’t see anything as nice in terms of the green space, pools and beach access anywhere else in New Smyrna. Clearly we really enjoyed our stay and we’ve already started talking about when we could come back. I’d highly recommend this place for a great week getaway!!”

–Joisane G., Macon, GA., Errol by the Sea 115¬†