Michael., SCGII303

July 11-18 2015- “Dan and Juliette, what a wonderful week we had at Sea Coast Gardens II, #303! We enjoyed our usual spots- Breakers, Norwood’s, Treats on the Beach, shopping on Flagler and Canoe St, the pear, the beach, a trip to St. Augustine. And there were new adventures- a coffee shop on Flagler Ave. For Michael, touring Whetstone Chocolate in St. Augustine, trying the ice cream at the Wild Side. Each day included plenty of new food, laughter, the sound of the waves, sunshine and gentle ocean breezes. We leave for Ohio with a sense of renewal.  J P.S. Olivia wanted you to know that we saw a jellyfish on the beach. ”

– Michael, Marissa, Olivia (Emily, my friend)., Sea Coast Gardens II 303