Suzanne H., Omaha, NE

March 3, 2015 -“We enjoyed our stay in this beautifully constructed condo. Even when the weather wasn’t good, the view from the dining table was so great that you didn’t mind having to stay in. It is very roomy and would be great for a family — bed sizes are not great for two couples. Definitely more luxurious than most Florida beach condos. We had little to complain about except the parking space. We had rented an intermediate size car and it was a little large for the spot. It is a parallel parking spot so practice up! The only other suggestion that I could make to the management is that it was not terribly well supplied for a unit of that price range. For example, there were only two hangers per closet — shouldn’t be a problem now since I went out and purchased two dozen the next morning after our arrival. Just a few little things like that kept me from giving it an excellent rating.”

-Suzanne H., Wave, Unit 801