David Greenberg, Atlantic Beach Retreat Bethune

“We have owned our condo for 14 years, and have had 3 other rental management companies before we signed up with GreatOceanCondos 2 and a half years ago. For the 10 years prior to GOC, we NEVER even made enough revenue to cover our expenses, much less break-even. In the first 2 full years with GOC, they generated 2 to 3 times the rental income we had ever gotten before, and we have been cash flow positive (and then some) for both years. What else can I say – they do an amazing job of promoting and renting our condo! We recently added a second property, and they’ve been renting it like gangbusters! (Hint – if you ever want to use your unit, you’d better book it out early!)
Working with GOC has been absolutely excellent – they are super-responsive, always getting back to us immediately regarding any issue that has come up, and they have taken great care of us and our guests. We have turned two other owners on to GOC who are also very happy with them. Since GOC is focused solely on rental management, our guests don’t have to deal with agents who are also busy selling properties, so they get the service they need without standing in line. At first I was concerned about using the “lockbox” check-in system instead of a local check-in office, but it has never been a problem, and in fact works very well. Jennifer her team will tell you exactly how to set up your unit to maximize its appeal, and my advice is to just do what they tell you to do – it’s been working. Their office/phone staff is great, too, going out of their way to keep us informed and to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done. Kudos to Maggie, Kathi, Kelly, and Steph – we’ve dealt with all of them over the last two and a half years. Yes, I sound like a fan boy, but the bottom line is, they are night and day compared to any other rental management company on the beach.”

-David G., Atlantic Beach Retreat Bethune