Mark and Pat, Oceanwalk 12

“Team, We just returned from our condo May 7th, after a 7 day stay. We weren’t sure what to expect because it had been 6 months since our last visit to our second home. Also, being in the rental program Jennifer convinced us to promote as, “pet friendly.” We were nothing but very pleased the way everything looked and no trace of FIDO anywhere. Thanks for doing an outstanding job! We contacted our cleaning person and thanked her also. We did have the dryer replaced and for future reference, we purchased four different type light bulbs and are storing them in kitchen pantry closet and a.c. filters in the laundry room. Should be more than enough for now and if not too much trouble I would like the a.c. filter changed monthly. Once again, thanks, and please forward to all the staff.”

– Mark and Pat, Oceanwalk 12