Terry H., Sea Coast Gardens

“I purchased my NSB condo in 2007. Shortly after I began renting it through the rental company at the condo itself. For the next 2 years I was so frustrated with poor communication, my unit being empty most of the time and the general lack of enthusiasm or knowledge from the managing rental company. I decided in 2010 to not rent anymore. For the next few years I didn’t rent or rented it myself. I honestly was scared to even begin to think about getting another rental company. Jennifer happened to own a unit in the same complex as myself. I heard her at several complex meetings asking questions that I myself needed answers to. Sometime after that I heard that she had opened a rental company. Honestly I was scared to even rent again but the more I heard her at board meetings the more impressed I was. So in 2013 I decided to try again, called Great Ocean Condos and have never looked back. I signed my paperwork with Great Ocean Condos and will never forget the first week I had my unit rented for the next 3 months. I will never forget the friendliness and efficiency of all I encountered that first few weeks. Even today it continues. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, eager and helpful. I can call or email anytime day or night and always get a prompt answer to any question or problems. GOC’s truly cares about owners and renters and wants us all to succeed. My only regret is the few years I wasted not allowing GOC’s to manage my unit. It stays rented most of the year, not only Winter and Summer but those months in the Fall when most complex units are empty. Jennifer is amazing at what she does, it shows through her success in her company, happy owners, and happy renters. My ONLY recommendation is Great Ocean Condos. I look forward to many more years of a successful rental company/owner partnership.


–Terry H., Sea Coast Gardens