New Smyrna Beach 5 Bedroom Condo Rentals

A Place to Relax

If you’re taking a large group on a vacation to New Smyrna Beach it can be daunting to try and find a space big enough for all of you. That’s where we come in! Our 5 bedroom condo rentals are perfect for many people to share.

Renting a 5 bedroom condo will add a unique twist on your vacation that will make it memorable. The beautiful sandy beach of New Smyrna Beach is just steps from your front door. Plus, all the other fun activities will be right at your fingertips as well.

With a lot of people along for the ride, you’ll want enough space to have some privacy and also to be able to hang out together throughout your getaway. Our beautiful and spacious vacation homes are located in some of the best spots throughout New Smyrna Beach.

Spacious Luxury

Our 5 bedroom condo rentals can typically sleep anywhere from 8 to 14 people, so invite all your friends along! Many of the spots have a porch or a balcony so you can take in the beautiful water views and the cool ocean breeze in the comfort of your own space.

Many of these rentals come with top of the line amenities on site. This may include pools, televisions, Internet access, and more. Plus, a 5 bedroom condo rental will make you feel like you are living large. The spaces have a modern feel with their design and décor, are fully furnished, and will feel like you’re right at home—only better!

Something For Everyone

Renting a large space isn’t just about the specs and the optics; it’s about what surrounds you too! You won’t have to worry about any of that when it comes to our 5 bedroom condo rentals. Each option is close to some of New Smyrna Beach’s most talked about attractions.

Golf, outdoor activities, yoga, biking, and more are available nearby. You can walk, take a quick drive, or even take the local bus for a small fee! The ways to explore this gorgeous vacation destination are endless.

The laidback community is filled with hidden gems. The vast history, art scene, and charming culture are what make New Smyrna Beach so great to visit. The food options are great and plentiful, and you’re sure to find things to do to fill your entire vacation.

Bring your large group on an adventure all together or split off into smaller groups when heading out for the day and go shopping, hit up the beach, or search for the perfect souvenir!

Prime Locations

What’s New Smyrna Beach without, of course, the beach! Make sure you check out the drivable beach—plus the parts that can only be seen on foot. You won’t want to miss seeing the beautiful white sand and the waves of the ocean.

The great part is, much of this view will be just a stone’s throw away from where you’re staying in your beautiful 5 bedroom condo rental. With our various options when it comes to locations, sizes, and styles we’re sure to find you the perfect 5-bedroom rental to make your vacation the best you’ve ever had!