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Outdoor Family Activities in New Smyrna Beach


Welcome to New Smyrna Beach, where the sun, sand, and surf come together to create the perfect backdrop for family adventures! Whether you’re a local looking for new activities or a visitor planning a memorable vacation, this blog will guide you through a variety of outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy in and around New Smyrna Beach.

Beach Day Extravaganza


Feel the excitement build as you kick off your shoes and let the adventures unfold on New Smyrna Beach. Embrace the childlike joy of building sandcastles, each tower a testament to creativity and shared smiles. Engage in spirited beach volleyball matches or find a cozy nook to unwind, letting the sun work its magic on your spirits. And when hunger calls, unwrap a picnic filled with your family’s favorite treats – imagine the laughter and joy echoing against the soothing backdrop of the waves.

To ensure a seamless beach day, it’s essential to pack a few key items. First and foremost, sunscreen is your family’s best friend. Protect your skin from the sun’s rays by applying a generous amount before heading out and reapplying throughout the day. Stay hydrated by bringing plenty of water; the combination of sun and sand can be surprisingly dehydrating. Pack a variety of snacks to keep everyone fueled and energized – think fresh fruits, granola bars, and sandwiches.

While the allure of the sun is undeniable, it’s crucial to have a retreat from its intense rays. Consider bringing umbrellas or setting up a beach tent to create shaded areas where family members can relax and cool down. This becomes especially important during peak sunlight hours. Comfortable beach chairs or blankets provide a cozy spot for unwinding, reading, or simply enjoying the beach vibes.

Enhance the beach experience with a selection of beach toys and games. Frisbees, beach balls, and paddleball sets are perfect for family-friendly competitions, ensuring that everyone, from the littlest ones to the adults, stays entertained. Additionally, a bucket and shovel can transform the sandy canvas into a masterpiece of sandcastle architecture.

Always prioritize safety during your beach day adventure. Keep a watchful eye on the water conditions and adhere to any posted warnings. If you have little ones, bring along life jackets for added peace of mind. Familiarize yourself with the location of lifeguard stations and make sure everyone in the family knows where to find them in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Finally, be a responsible beachgoer by adopting a “Leave No Trace” mentality. Bring along a trash bag for your family’s garbage, and ensure that all belongings are gathered before leaving. Help preserve the pristine beauty of New Smyrna Beach so that future visitors can enjoy the same unspoiled environment.

Paddleboarding & Kayaking


Dive deeper into your family’s adventure as you transition from the sandy shores to the gentle waters surrounding New Smyrna Beach. The exploration of the intercoastal waterways and the Indian River Lagoon beckons, promising a unique blend of tranquility and excitement. Here, the journey is as much a part of the experience as the destination, and New Smyrna Beach becomes the gateway to a waterborne odyssey.

For an aquatic adventure that caters to all ages, consider renting paddleboards or kayaks to traverse the serene intercoastal waterways. New Smyrna Beach offers a variety of rental options, allowing your family to easily access these watercrafts. Glide along the meandering water paths, surrounded by lush mangroves and the soothing sounds of nature. Paddleboarding, in particular, emerges as a standout choice, providing a unique way to introduce water sports to the family. Even if it’s your first time, the calm waters of New Smyrna Beach make it an ideal spot for beginners, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Check out local rental providers such as “RiverWitch Kayak Rentals & Tours” or “Paddleboard New Smyrna.” These establishments offer a range of paddleboards and kayaks suitable for various skill levels. Knowledgeable staff can provide guidance on equipment and safety, ensuring your family feels confident as you embark on this waterborne escapade. Additionally, these rental spots often include brief tutorials, making it even more accessible for beginners to embrace the joy of paddleboarding or kayaking.

Fishing Fun


Inshore, anglers can target popular catches such as redfish, spotted sea trout, and snook, each providing a thrilling challenge against the backdrop of the saltwater marshes. Venture offshore, and the possibilities expand with the chance to reel in kingfish, mahi-mahi, and even the coveted tarpon. The New Smyrna Beach area stands as a dynamic fishing destination, promising both excitement and a bountiful catch for those who cast their lines into its rich coastal waters.

For those seeking a more immersive and guided fishing adventure, New Smyrna Beach offers family-friendly fishing charters. These charters are perfect for a day of angling excitement, where seasoned captains guide you to the best fishing spots and provide valuable insights into the local marine life. It’s an opportunity to not only reel in some memorable catches but also to learn about the diverse fish species that inhabit the Atlantic waters. Additionally, these charters often double as educational experiences, allowing families to teach their kids the basics of casting, baiting hooks, and appreciating the importance of responsible and sustainable fishing practices. Whether you’re casting off the pier or joining a charter, New Smyrna Beach ensures that fishing becomes a cherished part of your coastal experience.

Bike the Town


New Smyrna Beach stands proud as a beacon for cyclists, boasting a network of bike-friendly paths that crisscross the city and its picturesque surroundings. The community’s dedication to providing safe and enjoyable biking experiences creates an environment where families can immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a casual rider, New Smyrna Beach caters to all, making it an ideal destination for a memorable family biking adventure.

Begin your cycling escapade by pedaling through the charming streets of downtown New Smyrna Beach. Quaint shops, local cafes, and vibrant murals line the streets, offering a unique blend of culture and coastal flair. Glide past historic buildings and take in the artistic atmosphere as you explore the heart of the city on two wheels. Many bike rental shops are conveniently located, making it easy for your family to gear up and start your urban exploration.

Extend your cycling journey to the sun-drenched beaches that define New Smyrna’s allure. The coastal breeze accompanies your ride along the beachside trails, providing panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Feel the warmth of the sand beneath your tires as you pedal along the water’s edge, creating a harmonious symphony of nature and motion. Bike rentals equipped with beach cruisers ensure a comfortable and leisurely ride for the entire family.

For a change of scenery, venture into one of the nearby parks that New Smyrna Beach proudly offers. With bikes at your disposal, explore the lush greenery of parks like Buena Vista Park or Riverside Park, each offering a different glimpse into the region’s natural beauty. Nature trails wind through these parks, providing an opportunity to spot local wildlife and appreciate the serene landscapes that coexist with the vibrant beach community.

Several rental shops cater specifically to families, offering a variety of bike types and sizes suitable for all ages. Places like “Bob’s Bicycles” and “Salty Rentals New Smyrna Beach” provide friendly service and well-maintained bikes, ensuring a seamless rental experience for your family. Opt for tandem bikes, child trailers, or traditional cruisers, tailoring your biking adventure to the preferences of every family member.

Nature Trails at Smyrna Dunes Park


Venture beyond the sandy expanses of New Smyrna Beach and immerse your family in the diverse coastal ecosystems nestled within Smyrna Dunes Park. This natural oasis is a treasure trove of ecological wonders, offering a unique blend of dunes, saltwater marshes, and tidal lagoons. Prepare to embark on an immersive journey through this coastal tapestry that unveils the intricate beauty of nature.

Smyrna Dunes Park, situated on the northern tip of the New Smyrna Beach peninsula, beckons nature enthusiasts and families alike to explore its rich biodiversity. As you set foot on the well-maintained nature trails, you’ll be enveloped by the fragrant sea breeze and the symphony of rustling leaves. The park’s diverse ecosystems create a vibrant mosaic, providing a glimpse into the delicate balance of coastal life. The towering sand dunes, adorned with native vegetation, stand as sentinels against the backdrop of the expansive Atlantic Ocean.

Invite your family to become wildlife detectives as you traverse the meandering trails. Smyrna Dunes Park is a haven for local fauna, offering opportunities to spot a variety of bird species, marine life, and perhaps even the elusive gopher tortoise. Birdwatchers will delight in the sight of ospreys soaring overhead, while the patient observer might catch a glimpse of crabs scurrying across the tidal flats. Encourage your little explorers to bring binoculars and embark on a quest to identify the myriad creatures that call this coastal sanctuary home.

The reward for your exploration comes in the form of breathtaking vistas that unfold at various points along the trails. Ascend the elevated boardwalks to gain panoramic views of Ponce Inlet, where the Halifax River converges with the Atlantic Ocean. Pause for a moment of tranquility at observation points strategically placed to showcase the park’s natural beauty. 

Smyrna Dunes Park ensures a family-friendly experience with amenities such as picnic areas, restroom facilities, and shaded pavilions. The park is designed to be accessible for all, with wheelchair-friendly boardwalks providing an inclusive environment for every member of the family to partake in the adventure.

Golf for All Ages

New Smyrna Beach Golf

For families seeking a perfect blend of leisure and friendly competition, the New Smyrna Beach Golf Course emerges as a haven for golf enthusiasts. Nestled within the coastal charm of this vibrant community, this family-friendly course extends a warm invitation to both novices and seasoned golfers alike. Imagine the crisp morning air as you tee off against the backdrop of swaying palms and the gentle murmur of the Atlantic in the distance. The New Smyrna Beach Golf Course, renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, provides an ideal setting for families to enjoy the timeless sport of golf.

This 18-hole course isn’t just about chasing birdies and eagles; it’s a welcoming canvas where family members can hone their skills, share lighthearted moments, and revel in the joy of the game. Beginners can feel at ease navigating the course’s forgiving fairways, while seasoned players can test their mettle against strategically placed hazards and challenging greens. 

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As the sun dips below the horizon and the soothing sounds of the ocean fill the air, you’ll find solace in knowing that your New Smyrna Beach escape isn’t just a vacation—it’s a chapter in your family’s story, a collection of moments that will be cherished for years to come. So, pack your bags, set out for this coastal haven, and let Great Ocean Condos be the key to unlocking the perfect family retreat in the captivating embrace of New Smyrna Beach.

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