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The Best Summer Events in New Smyrna Beach in June, July & August

New Smyrna Beach, FL is a popular year-round destination, drawing visitors from all over the country with its pristine beaches, unique charm, and rich history.

During the summer months of June, July, and August, the city comes alive with exciting events and activities. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s something for everyone to enjoy — from wine walks to music festivals and even a shark festival, you’ll find everything in NSB.

If you’re wondering what the best events in New Smyrna Beach, FL are during June, July, and August, you’re in the right place. This guide will bring you the highlights of summer festivities in town.

Slip on those comfy shoes — it’s time for some event fun!


Best Events in New Smyrna Beach in June


Seaside Fiesta

Seaside Fiesta takes place on Flagler Avenue, the heart of New Smyrna Beach’s beachside district, and it’s typically held yearly in late June. This vibrant celebration of summer features live music, local vendors selling crafts and art, delicious food options, and plenty of family-friendly activities.

Imagine a lively block party with a beachy vibe. That’s what you’ll get. Flagler Avenue is closed to traffic for the event, allowing people to freely stroll and enjoy the sights and sounds. Live music adds to the energy, while the booths filled with local crafts and art provide a unique shopping experience.

That’s not all; the delicious food options cater to the most diverse tastes, and you can try from the best restaurants in New Smyrna serving up sample-sized portions of their award-winning dishes at discounted prices.

Heads up: The event is free, but it’s always a good idea to bring cash – not all vendors and activities will accept cards.

New Smyrna Beach Kite Festival

Another free, family-friendly event in June is the New Smyrna Beach Kite Festival. Held over two days, it features a colorful display of kites of all shapes and sizes soaring over the beautiful New Smyrna Beach.
The festival takes place directly on the beach, just south of Flagler Avenue, and the vibes are carefree, joyful, and, as you can expect, filled with vibrant kites dancing in the summer breeze.

Families gather to fly their own kites and watch impressive kite demonstrations by professional kite fliers. You can also participate in some friendly kite-flying competitions.
Are the little ones in tow? There’s a dedicated kids’ zone with free kites for the first 400 children each day. This space encourages creativity with fun decorating stations for the little creative souls — and lots of photo ops.

Can you think of a more delightful way to spend a summer day?



Best Events in New Smyrna Beach in July


Red, White, and Blue Music Festival

This three-day music festival celebrating Independence Day features a variety of live music performances across various genres, and stages are spread out at different locations along Flagler Avenue.

As you can imagine, the Red, White, and Blue Music Festival pulsates with a patriotic spirit and a lively summer vibe. You can expect a mix of locals and tourists enjoying the live music outdoors. The different locations along Flagler Avenue offer the most diverse atmospheres, from relaxed beach bars to energetic stages. Daytime performances are suitable for all ages, but some venues might be age-restricted. 

No doubt this is a fantastic way to celebrate Independence Day with a fun, musical twist, but be prepared for crowds.


Summer Concert Series

Craving more good music? The Summer Concert Series is already a beloved New Smyrna Beach annual tradition. It offers a relaxing and social way to enjoy the warm summer evenings outside. The series of concerts typically runs from early July through late August.

You’ll find a laid-back and friendly atmosphere where people gather on the park’s grassy area with blankets, lawn chairs, and picnics to enjoy the music. It’s a great way to relax with friends and family and meet locals while enjoying a variety of live music genres for free.

The best part is the concerts are suitable for all ages, making it a fun outing for the whole family.

Here’s an idea: pack a picnic basket with your favorite food and drink, and then it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the live music!


Shark Week

New Smyrna Beach holds the unfavorable title of the “shark bite capital of the world” because of the high number of reported bites in its waters. However, most bites are minor, and fatalities are extremely rare.

For a humorous twist on this fact, the so-called Shark Week celebration gathers many local businesses and organizations to offer something special. For instance, restaurants might offer special shark-themed menus and shops could have shark merchandise sales. You might even find educational talks about sharks going on. Unsurprisingly, local media and beach safety officials use this opportunity to remind visitors about shark safety tips.


Best Events in New Smyrna Beach, FL in August


New Smyrna Beach Shrimp & Seafood Festival

This delightful annual celebration of the city’s vibrant fishing industry is a free, open-air festival that transforms Flagler Avenue into a seafood lover’s paradise. 

The vibe is that of a festive block party, and once more, Flagler Avenue is closed to traffic. Local restaurants showcase their culinary talents by offering sample-sized portions of their signature seafood dishes at more affordable prices while live music at certain venues adds a cheerful energy.

This is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and mingle with friendly locals. Also, what better chance to discover a new favorite seafood dish?

The festival is free to attend, but it’s a great idea to bring cash to buy the delicacies from vendors that don’t take cards.

Can you feel the aroma of fresh seafood already? We promise you: It’s truly irresistible. 


Wine on Wednesday

Rather than a single event, Wine on Wednesday is a delightful mid-week tradition happening throughout the summer, from late May to the end of August. Participating restaurants and bars along Flagler Avenue offer special deals on wine specifically on Wednesdays, and these can vary from half-priced glasses of house wine to discounts on bottles of wine and even wine tastings.

The atmosphere is relaxed and social, with a touch of elegance, and people gather at patios, bars, or outdoor seating areas to enjoy a glass or two of wine with friends and family. Besides being a budget-friendly way to enjoy different varieties of wine, you’ll also get to mingle with locals and other visitors. Salut!


Community Fun: Best Events in New Smyrna Beach in June, July & August


As you can see, there are plenty of community gatherings and events during summer in New Smyrna Beach, FL. There’s no doubt you will have a lot of fun if you decide to attend any of the events above, but whenever crowds are involved, it’s important to keep some things in mind.

Here are some extra tips to enjoy events in Florida during summer:

  • Stay Hydrated: Florida summers can be hot and humid, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially if you’re spending time outdoors at events.

  • Wear Sun Protection: Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. Consider wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to stay cool.

  • Seek Shade: If possible, take breaks in shaded areas to cool down and rest, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

  • Plan Ahead: Check the event’s website or social media pages for any updates, changes, or safety guidelines before attending. Familiarize yourself with the venue’s layout and emergency procedures.

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on weather forecasts and be prepared for sudden changes, such as thunderstorms or high temperatures. Have a plan in place in case of severe weather.

  • Be Mindful of Crowds: Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas. Respect others’ personal space and be patient in lines or crowded areas.

  • Have Fun Responsibly: Enjoy the event safely by respecting event staff, following any posted rules or guidelines, and looking out for yourself and others.

  • Listen To Your Body: Pace yourself and listen to your body. If you start to feel unwell, that means it’s time to head somewhere quiet.

Want more tips on New Smyrna Beach? Then head to our destination blog. We’ve covered everything from the best restaurants and a nightlife guide to all you need to know about fishing in New Smyrna Beach. And there’s more coming soon!


Where to Stay in New Smyrna Beach, FL


Want another tip from us? When you visit New Smyrna Beach, we suggest choosing vacation rentals over hotels to enjoy a place with local vibes and all the privacy you want.

There are plenty of beach vacation properties, cozy condos, and charming homes in this area. This is another way to immerse yourself in the local culture — shop at local markets, stroll through nearby neighborhoods, and dine at local restaurants.

You’ll truly feel like a local.

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