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Jennifer – Owner of GOC

Jennifer – Owner and CEO


About GreatOceanCondos.com

Ten years ago I founded Greatoceancondos.com when I was unable to find a technology forward rental manager in the New Smyrna Beach Area. Since that time my company has grown to become the largest vacation rental management company in the New Smyrna Beach Area. We are the only multi-complex online booking network around hosting almost 50 complexes! Our website combines complete views of each complex and unit, convenient booking and outstanding customer service together to make your beach vacation a great and memorable experience. Our management services keep up with our growing clientele, provide different rate schedules for holiday and off seasons combined with 24 hour customer service. After almost 10 years of ownership, I have grown the company from my single property to almost 300 properties accommodating over 6000 reservations per year. As a condo owner myself in NSB I “get” both sides for owners and guests. This unique “By an owner, for an owner” perspective is what sets us apart in the world of vacation rental management. Through internet marketing, Google AdWords and quick response times and unparalleled customer service, we have established ourselves as the leader of vacation rental management on the Central East Coast of Florida. Our trademarked phrase is “Look Before you Book” and our customers do! We are currently booking over $5,700,000 per year in rental revenue alone for our owners and creating memories that will last a lifetime for our guests. Call us today to become part of the Great Ocean Team. We look forward to serving you.


Jennifer Frankenstein, Owner

Great Ocean Condos and Homes

Founded in 2008

Hours: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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After growing up in South Florida and graduating from Florida State University, I currently reside with my family in Central Florida. I began my career as a public school teacher and in 1994 was honored to be named Seminole County’s Sallie Mae Teacher of the Year. In 2006 we realized our dream of owning a vacation condo right on the beach! Applying my past work experiences and need for thoroughness and written processes and a high standard of excellence to managing my own vacation rental property, I soon realized that I was better equipped to manage my property than the onsite rental office. More importantly, through my own travel experiences, I understood the way that guests wanted to be treated. I understood how important it was to provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere that would draw families back to my property year after year. After searching, I was unable to find a technology forward rental manager in the New Smyrna Beach Area so after 14 years as a teacher, I decided it was time for a change and I founded Great Ocean Condos. After 11 years, here I am today managing almost 275 properties in the New Smyrna Beach and Greater Daytona Area. We are the largest vacation rental management company in our area and my staff and I LOVE what we do!

I have also been a member of the Florida Vacation Rental Management Association since 2010.  The success of my company and growth of my business has occurred in large part due to my memberships in not only the Florida VRMA, but the national VRMA as well. I have attended state conferences, regional conferences and national conferences consistently over the last 9 years. The wealth of knowledge I’ve gathered have enabled me to grow my business and serve my clients, both owners and guests, in the highest capacity. I have served on the Visit Florida Industry Relations committee, the Florida VRMA conference planning committee and the national VRMA conference planning and education committees as well as serving as an Ambassador for the national VRMA. I am honored to have served the Florida VRMA as President-elect and President and currently serve as the Past President.

I am extremely passionate about what we do and how we do it at Great Ocean Condos and Homes. My favorite words from my staff are “I have an idea”. Those ideas and our persistence has enabled us to serve our owners and guests in the highest capacity and made us what we are today. See you at the beach!

Our Staff

Melody – Financial Manager

Melody – Financial Manager

Tom - Property Services Manager

Tom – Property Services Manager

Maggie – Owner Services Liaison

Maggie – Customer Service Manager

Gary – Reservationist

Gary – Vacation Planner

Brandi - Sea Coast Gardens Manager

Brandi – Sea Coast Gardens Manager

Megan - Office Assistant

Megan – Marketing Assistant

Heather- Vacation Planner

Heather- Vacation Planner

Caitie- Property Inspector

Julie- General Manager

Julie- General Manager


Rebecca- Property Inspector


Susan- Vacation Planner


Jordyn- Vacation Planner


Lauren- Administrative Assistant

Michelle- Vacation Planner/ Lead Sales Trainer

Michelle- Vacation Planner/ Lead Sales Trainer

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Professional Affiliations

Vacation Rental Manager’s Association

GreatOceanCondos.com is a proud member of the National Association of Vacation Rental Managers. Member of the National conference Planning Committee, Education Committee as well as a VRMA Ambassador. Jennifer and GreatOceanCondos were featured in the national magazine, The VRMA Arrival in the Spring of 2017.

GreatOceanCondos.com is an active member of the Florida Vacation Rental Manager’s Association. Our staff are regular attendees to state and local conferences benefitting Vacation rental Managers

Visit Florida

Jennifer Frankenstein, the owner of GreatOceanCondos.com, served on the Industry Relation’s Committee for Visit Florida. This organization is the official provider of Florida visitor information and heavily promotes tourism in the state of Florida

We are licensed with the State of Florida,

Department of Business and Professional Regulation, under the provisions of Ch. 509 FS. License number: CND7406493


Definitions.–As used in this chapter, the term: 2. “Nontransient public lodging establishment” means any unit, group of units, dwelling, building, or group of buildings within a single complex of buildings which is rented to guests for periods of at least 30 days or 1 calendar month, whichever is less, or which is advertised or held out to the public as a place regularly rented to guests for periods of at least 30 days or 1 calendar month. 509.242 Public lodging establishments; classifications.– (1) A public lodging establishment shall be classified as a hotel, motel, resort condominium, nontransient apartment, transient apartment, roominghouse, bed and breakfast inn, or resort dwelling if the establishment satisfies the following criteria: (c) Resort condominium.–A resort condominium is any unit or group of units in a condominium, cooperative, or timeshare plan which is rented more than three times in a calendar year for periods of less than 30 days or 1 calendar month, whichever is less, or which is advertised or held out to the public as a place regularly rented for periods of less than 30 days or 1 calendar month, whichever is less.