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Looking to buy or sell in New Smyrna Beach, FL?

Our incredible team can help you navigate this historic beachside town.

New Smyrna Beach is loved by both locals and tourists for its beauty and charm. New Smyrna is a barrier island positioned between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. The beaches of New Smyrna stretch over 13 miles along the sandy east coast of Central Florida.

Though New Smyrna is a small historic town, the city offers a wide selection of shopping, dining, and cultural experiences for both its residents and guests. From beachside burger joints, to restaurants serving fresh local seafood, to fun water activities, there’s something here for everyone!

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Tony Roman

My name is Tony Roman, and I am the lead Realtor and Director of Business Development with Great Ocean Condos & Homes. I moved to Florida from the Chicagoland area over 23 years ago and it has been my home since.

My goal is to help you find everything you are looking for—whether that be a great property to buy, selling your current property, and/or a property manager who will exceed your expectations. I believe we can do more together.

I am dedicated to helping my clients whatever their real estate needs may be. I’d love to sit down for a cup of coffee to personally discuss our services and answer any questions you may have. Let me help you with your next listing or sale!

You can contact me directly at 863-446-3004 or tony@greatoceancondos.com

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