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From booming music to tattoo contests to a sea of shiny, revved-up engines, there’s no event more pumped with adrenaline than Daytona Beach’s Bike Week. While motorcycle rallies boast of daring feats and a devil-may-care attitude, preparedness never ruined anyone’s street cred! We’ve listed our top tips for your bike week vacation that won’t only keep you safe, but also grant you peace of mind so you can fully enjoy the event.

1. Get a tune-up before the race

Nothing deflates bike week hype than sitting roadside with a motorcycle that needs fixing. Save your vacation from a trip to the mechanic and give your two-wheel beauty a thorough tune-up before leaving. You’ll want to check tire tread, tire pressure, fluid levels, lights, and the battery to name a few items. Even if you live driving-distance to the fun, we recommend that you bring another vehicle besides your bike. Should you wish to explore the area or if your bike has a mechanical mishap, you’ll be grateful to have a reliable back-up (plus it’ll save your motorcycle from traveling miles!).

2. Keep your bike protected

While Daytona Bike Week is full of great people who love Yamahas as much as you do, it’d be remiss to not mention that motorcycle thefts occur. The event is abundantly regulated with police officers who watch for this, but it’s always better to err on the side of caution… especially when it comes to your prized possession! Always park in well-lit areas and use a front fork lock if your bike has it. During the times you plan to explore by foot, keep your motorcycle parked at the rental complex you’re staying at and take an Uber or cab to the event instead. Certain complexes like Oceanwalk and Ebb Tide have garage parking that will keep your bike especially secure. Haven’t booked a vacation rental yet? Explore our best places to stay during bike week.

3. Make an itinerary of the big events

No matter what time you go, there’s always exhaust-filled fun happening! Bike Week offers so much more than motorcycle shows; the entire week is filled with concerts, parades, vintage bike viewings, lively bars, and even the occasional free meal and pancake breakfast. Each day can hold up to eight different events, so look at the Bike Week calendar in advance to choose the ones you don’t want to miss. Plus knowing which ones you’re going to allows you to beat the crowd and stake out the best spot.

4. Bring cash

Cash is king! From food vendors to outdoor bars, you’ll find that most places will send you straight to the ATM if you don’t have bills on you. Bike Week veterans know that some of the event’s longest lines lead right to an ATM, but it’s a hassle you can easily avoid. Either pack the cash you’ll need for your trip or visit a local bank before heading to the festivities. Credit and debit cards are certainly not off limits- keep at least one on hand

5. Drink a LOT… of water

With Belgian Tripels and Stouts served at every corner, water definitely sounds like the least exciting option. However it’s the one drink that will protect you from dehydration and hefty police tickets. No matter the season, Florida loves to mix hot days along with temperate ones and March is no exception. Keep a water bottle handy and drink up! Bike Week wouldn’t be half as fun if you filled it only with H20; there are tons of great bars and local venues surrounding the event. Remember to leave plenty of time between drinking and riding as this not only endangers you, but also everyone else on the road.

With these practical tips in hand, you’re now ready to speed off to Daytona Bike Week for the wildest time on the east coast. From places in Daytona Shores to oceanside properties in New Smyrna Beach, Great Ocean Condos and Homes has the largest selection of vacation rentals in the area. Browse direct oceanfront, oceanview, pet-friendly, homes, and luxury properties that are all just a short drive away from the motorcycle rally. Book online or call 386.478.7863 for a professional vacation planner to assist you in reserving your stay.

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