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Owner Testimonials

Thank you for continuing to manage my property well, keep it spotless, and keep your reputation excellent!!

– Karyn F., Chateau by the Sea


“We are so pleased with all the rentals we have had throughout the winter and spring, and are excited about the upcoming rentals.  We appreciate all you all have done to market our place.  Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate you!”

– Angela S., Oceanwalk 7-501


“Thank you so much for this booking. You guys are working hard through all this and it’s nice to see that people are coming back to NSB. We appreciate all you are doing in these difficult times.” 

– Kim H., Ponce De Leon Towers 303


“In these unparalleled times, as an owner of a property managed by Great Ocean Condos, I have never experienced such professionalism, and genuine care and concern for their clients and renters. We have never had to worry about our property or our renters, knowing that Great Ocean is looking after them. Thank you Great Ocean Condos, not only for everything you are doing during these difficult times but for your hard work and dedication all the time.”

– LeeAnn J., Southwind 204


“Great Ocean Condos provides the best customer service to both guests and owners. We couldn’t be happier to have them ‘on our team’.”

– Carol L., Sea Coast Gardens II 305


“Our association with the folks at Great Ocean Condos began shortly after the company was formed.  As a condo owner some 1100 miles removed from our property, we have found their management and service invaluable in conducting rental, repairs, and preparation for the natural disasters that come with ownership on the Florida east coast.  GOC is always available to us as owners and they take the extra time to serve both our renters and ourselves.  They truly embody the “you get what you pay for” adage and we look forward to continuing our relationship with GOC.”

– Kent and Susan D., Sea Coast Gardens II 317


“Our family has owned and rented our Seacoast Gardens II rental unit for over 40 years. Of all of the rental companies brought in by the association or through our own efforts, Great Ocean Condos has by far provided the best results in terms of year over year total and net rental income increases. As a family with rentals in multiple markets, we understand the necessity of regularly reinvesting funds to maintain and improve furniture, finishes, fixtures and linens. The GOC staff is proactive in pointing out and making recommendations on how to make our unit more attractive to a wider variety of potential guests. I highly recommend Great Oceans Condos to manage your rental property.”

– Lee R., Sea Coast Gardens II 210


“It’s hard to believe I am coming up on my five year anniversary of ownership at Sea Coast Gardens. I want to pause and thank the wonderful staff at Great Ocean Condo for all you have done in the past five years. I have been very satisfied with the rental income and the quality of renters you have brought to my place. I have also been very satisfied with so many other aspects of this relationship. Whether it be cleaning, maintenance, preparing for a hurricane, answering a call 24/7 or just being there to talk as friends you all are amazing…..truly. It nice to deal with professionals that know what they are doing and know how to do it. Living in Louisville I don’t worry about my place here because I know “You got this”. Looking forward to the next five years…keep going and keep doing what you are doing!”

 – Earl S., Sea Coast Gardens III 312


“Wendell and I want to thank all of you for the stellar job you have done over the years handling our New Smyrna Beach Home. The work you have done,  the challenges you have so gracefully resolved and the snafus you have overcome are all testament to GOC’s commitment to providing excellent service to owners and clients. As of today our little home has new owners.  We have encouraged them to look to GOC if they decide to put the house in the rental market. Again our heartfelt thanks to everyone for your job well done.“

-Vicki and Wendell W., Atlantic Beach Escape Bethune


“I want to thank the GOC team at SCG!  I was expecting a bad scene inside my condo when I arrived for the first time after Irma.  My impression was the exact opposite.  The condo was in wonderful shape considering a hurricane hit and there was significant water intrusion into the unit.  It is obvious that the GOC team worked to keep my place in good shape. Your team did a great job! I’m very impressed. I can’t imagine the chaos that had to be going on….Again, that is very much appreciated so THANK YOU!”

-Scott S., Sea Coast Gardens II


“I just want to say your company has already exceeded my expectations! I will be sure to let everyone I know who may be looking for a great management company to contact you. My past experience was awful and I have been very pleasantly surprised by your fast responses and professionalism.”

-Roxanne S., Oceanwalk


“I have been very happy with their services.  So much in fact, I will continue to work with them in the new condo we’re currently purchasing.”

-Tami B. Oceanwalk


“Thanks so much for your efforts- glad you guys are on board!”

-Bill and Mary L., Sea Coast Gardens II


“Thank you for your help & timely communication. Being a new owner, we’re totally clueless worried. So your communication & possible advice is coveted. Keep the Team SAFE! We look forward to hearing from you, when inspections are complete. Thank you to the GOC Team!”

-Mark B., Sea Coast Gardens II


“Thanks so much to all of you!! It means so much that you are doing what you can to secure our properties.”

-Pam T.,  Sea Coast Gardens II


“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Great Ocean Condos to manage the rental of our oceanfront condo in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  Being new to the rental business, we greatly appreciated the suggestions and advise they gave regarding upgrades to the condo, decorating, and marketing.  We took several of their ideas, invested in our condo, and realized a return that was three times what we had received from our previous management company. In addition to the fantastic income they have generated for us, their professional staff has been very friendly and helpful every time we have had an issue or concern.  They have gone out of their way to make sure our condo is maintained and in good repair, and their customer service to our guests is second to none. We would definitely recommend Great Ocean Condos for the management of your vacation rental, and we look forward to many more profitable years to come.”

–Harold and Kim H., Ponce de Leon Towers


“I feel so comfortable with The Great Ocean Team managing the property, especially as my career keeps me on the road all the time!”

–David K., Hacienda del Sol II


“In dealing with rental properties, I’ve made some bad decisions and a few good ones. One of the best was when I gave one condo to Great Ocean Condos to manage. After on site management for several years, the move to GOC was a huge relief. Like others, I wish I had done it much earlier. Every call  is received with exceptional courtesy and a “can do” attitude. The little things are covered without bother–plus they have excellent resources for the big things. I have been especially pleased with accounting. Every detail is dealt with promptly and the client properly informed. In a culture of impersonal merchandising it is refreshing to find a company who does it right!”

–Charles C., Ebb Tide


“I am new to condo ownership and spent considerable time researching management companies. This was especially important to me as I travel quite a bit. I found a perfect match in Great Ocean Condos.  Not only do they perform exceptionally in the marketing arena, they are true professionals at managing the process of communications and logistics for the guests.   Their response time to potential guests and to myself is amazing, and follow-up is top notch….no stone is left un-turned. I feel extremely comfortable having turned over my beach home to Great Ocean Condos. I am in the hospitality business and am delighted in knowing the condo is being managed by a team of professionals who provide five star service.”

– David K., Hacienda del Sol II


“I put several condominium units that I own under the management of Great Ocean Condos (“GOC”) in 2012.  I had worked with onsite property managers and other outside management companies prior to that time and found that I was continually disappointed.  Since joining The Great Ocean Team, I have been extremely pleased with their reliability and professionalism.  I find that all of their members are very courteous and truly knowledgeable in determining how to get the best return from my vacation property investments.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else to manage these condominium units. I find that they take genuine care in managing my properties and are always there for me when I have questions or concerns. I am pleased with the level and quality of the business that they have developed and I encourage them to keep up the excellent work!”

–Richard D., Ponce de Leon Towers


“During this season of thanks, I wanted to express my gratitude for you and your team and all you have done to make my first year in the vacation rental property “business” a success! My goal was simply to cover expenses by having my house rented 25 weeks, but with your help we’re at 29 weeks and counting! I’m thrilled we already have four reservations on the books for 2016. I really could not have done this without your team!”

–Rebecca P., Turtle Mound Treasure


“Thanks for everything… I really appreciate all you have done over the past couple years.”

— Rick D., Sea Coast Gardens


“Thanks for all you do and please keep the rentals coming! Have a great day.”

— Sheri K., Sea Coast Condominium


“GreatOceanCondos.com is by far the best management company in New Smyrna Beach. Two years ago we made the switch from onsite management and they have more than doubled our income over our previous management company; but that’s not all! We always worried whenever we were on vacation or out of the country, “what will we do if something happens at the condo?”, but not with Great Ocean Condos. If we need anything or our guests need anything, they are always available. We know they will handle all aspects of our guests stay including booking, cleaning, taxes, maintenance- you name it. We are so glad we found them. “ 

— Liberto and Carmela G., Hacienda del Sol II


“We appreciate the way Great Oceans handles this business. Thanks for all.”

— Michael M., The Wave


“We just passed the 1-year-anniversary of purchasing Flounder House and having GOC take care/manage of our place this past year. We’ve been extremely satisfied with all the hard work that the GOC team has done over the past year and appreciate how everyone responds promptly to any questions or concerns that we’ve had.”

— Stephen W., Flounder Beach House


“We really appreciate all you do for us and the wonderful service GOC provides. Thanks so much!”

–Joyce M., Oceanwalk


“I just wanted to thank everyone at GreatOceanCondos.com. I am now in my second year of using your rental company. I wish I had switched sooner! I was using my condo association rental management company and had so many problems and finally made the switch. I have never been disappointed. My unit has been consistently rented even through the Fall and Winter. I love that you handle everything pertaining to renters and even have a maintenance department that handles all the small problems. It is so easy to call or email anytime day or night and I have always gotten a prompt reply from someone knowledgeable and friendly. I would encourage any owner who wants to rent their unit to make the move to GreatOceanConodos.com. I highly recommend GOC and am so happy doing business with you!”

–Terry H., Sea Coast Gardens


“I just want to thank you for the great photos you have posted for our home. They really show well, and thanks to all the staff for the work you do with bookings.”

— Wendell W., Atlantic Beach Escape Bethune


“Thank you for your help. Great Ocean Condos has wonderful customer service!”

— Laura B., Castle Reef


“Wow! You all are incredible! We’ve never thought rentals and rates like what you’re getting were possible. Our on-site manager couldn’t hold a candle to what you are doing. Thank you much.”

— Dana W., Seascape Towers


“Thanks again for your excellent management of my condo!”

— Scott S., Sea Coast Gardens II


“Thank you – wonderful to have a last minute reservation! And so very thoughtful to ask Gail to freshen it up. We are counting our blessings including GOC. You are all the very best. Many, many thanks for all your help. Awesome! You GOC gals ROCK!”

— Vincent and Ruth F., Oceanwalk

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