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One of the best things to do on a beautiful day at New Smyrna Beach is head to the beach of course! Before you go, you’ll want to have the best plan to make the most of your day in the sun. Exploring all the city has to offer can be fun, but you need to relax too! Here are some great tips to be prepared.

What you’ll need

Make sure you have all the essentials packed before you head out. The perfect beach bag could be a tote, a backpack, or something else with a decent size. But it’s what’s inside that really will make or break your beach day!

Sunscreen is a must to keep your skin safe on the beach. SPF 30 or higher is recommended. If your skin is really sensitive to the sun you might want to consider bringing an umbrella as well.

Grab your big beach towels or even a lightweight sheet to spread out on. Also make sure you have the perfect pair of shades, and a great book to read. If you’ve got some kind of Bluetooth speakers or stereo to play some tunes, bring that along too. You can never be quite sure what you’re going to need!

The beaches here are also excellent for surfing; one of the top attractions to New Smyrna Beach. You’ll find several local surfing equipment rental companies so don’t worry about bringing your own if you can’t. There are also very experienced local instructors available for surfers of all skill levels.

Bring some snacks and a cooler

It’s always best to bring at least a snack to your day at the beach! What you bring depends on how much time you’ll be spending there and what you like to eat. Sandwiches, some chips, fruit, and lots of water are always good choices.

If there are grills available at the beach you head to, you might as well make use of them! A small cooler or insulated bag is a great idea to keep everything at an ideal temperature. Plus, you’ll save some money this way by not having to stop at restaurants.

Pick the best time

The month of the year, day of the week and time of day can really dictate how well your beach day works out.

The off-season falls between November and January. This is when temperatures will be lower and the water will be cooler too, however it’s still warmer than a lot of other parts of the U.S.

February to September are great months to head to the beach in New Smyrna Beach. Perfect temperatures, warmer water, but also a lot more crowded. Anywhere between May and October will be the rainier months. If you decide to go then you’ll want a back up plan just in case you get caught in a shower.

Weekends on the beaches of New Smyrna beach will definitely be busier, so if you can manage to get there on a weekday that might be best. If you prefer a less crowded beach then head out on a weekday, or if you don’t mind a throng of people then feel free to head out whenever it’s good for your schedule.

Choosing the time of day to go depends on why you’re at the beach. A run or some yoga will pan out best during the morning hours. If you’re looking to get a tan, definitely plan to be at the beach during the middle of the day—but get there early for easier parking and to claim your perfect spot on the sand!

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