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Summer has never held such a paradox of uncertainty and hopeful potential as it holds for us this year. As we all do our part in flattening the curve and keeping our communities safe, we can’t deny the hope that’s sprung in our hearts that health will soon be restored. Recent models have shown that a return to normalcy should be instated by the beginning of summer. While we’re all eager to make up for lost spring vacations, our travel plans are tinged with the question of safety. Planning a summer stay in a private beach rental is by far the best vacation choice at the moment. Discover below why New Smyrna Beach is the leading option for a safe and healthy summer trip.

1. A Safe Vacation Just a Drive Away

After all that’s incurred this spring, most of us feel hesitant to make travel plans that include three layovers, two taxi rides, and a busy hotel. For most, simply venturing back into the world will be a heart-pounding step of wariness and excitement. Instead of braving this change head-on, our beach vacation rentals provide the perfect transition from home-bound life to the freedom of summer vacation. It’s the ideal solution to finally changing your scenery while still feeling safe from the crowd.

Our condos and homes offer the same privacy you experience in your own house… just with a better view! Unlike a hotel, you won’t have to worry about tight shared spaces in lobbies, room service coming and going, or sharing meals with strangers in common dining areas. From guests streaming in and out to an entourage of staff, avoiding public contact is impossible during a hotel stay. Private vacation rentals grant you peace in knowing that the only contact you and your family have is with each other. Your food is prepared in your own kitchen and your outdoor relaxation is secluded on a private balcony or in a home’s backyard. Your vacation rental is exclusive to you.

If you feel uneasy about traveling, skip the airport and simply drive to the hot sand and crashing waves that await you. New Smyrna Beach is located near a major interstate highway, A1A, which runs along the entire Florida East Coast. With the return of normalcy and many lost vacation days to make up for, there’s no better place to welcome this new season than in a private place by the sea.

2. NSB Provides the Space for Social Distancing

The classic imagery of Florida beaches are derived from hotspot destinations such as Miami, Clearwater, and Daytona Beach. The connotation of a packed shore, blasting music, and sunscreen-slathered visitors from around the world is one that truly does not characterize the local-feel of New Smyrna Beach. Our quaint beach town is known and loved primarily by snowbirds, families, and those in the Central Florida area.

Compared to its famous neighbors, New Smyrna Beach offers a family-friendly experience at a relaxed pace. Children building sandcastles, surfers gliding through waves, and sunbathers snoozing on towels make up the scenery you’ll see on any given day. Rarely does NSB ever see an overly packed shore! For the best social-distance guarantee, we recommend booking a condo or home on the non-drive section of the beach. This section is very private and will give you and yours the safe space you need to stretch out and relax.

3. New Smyrna Beach’s Economy Needs Support

As we weather the national lock-down, it’s crucial that together we support small town economies, local stores, and mom-and-pop shops that are especially hurting. Great Ocean Condos and Homes has personally worked with many small business owners who greatly rely on beach tourism for business. Unlike large metropolises, New Smyrna Beach is primarily made of local businesses established and solely run in NSB. These entrepreneurs, families, and friends of ours have staked their whole livelihood into the shops and restaurants you so love.

Spending your first vacation post-quarantine in New Smyrna Beach would be monumental to so many of our local business owners. Whether you enjoy the outdoor seating at Norwood’s or order take out from The Breakers, any financial support means the world to these places. Help your favorite Florida beach by planning a summer trip full of mini shopping sprees and take-out dinner dates.

After months spent safely tucked away indoors, there’s nothing like the beach’s fresh summer air and hot sunshine to begin a new chapter. Ease yourself back into life’s normal rhythm by planning a classic summer vacation in New Smyrna Beach. Our condos and houses share the same privacy as your own home and are located only steps away from a wide-open shore. Browse our selection of direct ocean front, pet-friendly, luxury, and home vacation rentals. If you can’t decide which property to choose, call our office at 386.478.7863 and a professional vacation planner will help plan your stay.

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