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“Pet-Parations”: Things to Know Before Bringing Your Pet to New Smyrna Beach, FL

Located in central Florida, just one hour east of Orlando, New Smyrna Beach, FL, is known for being a charming seaside town with lots of historical sites and over 13 miles of spectacular white sand beaches.

The city is a great destination for you and your family to enjoy. But what about your faithful furry companions?

Well, we say they will love vacationing on New Smyrna Beach, FL, too! The region offers plenty of pet-friendly spots, and whether it’s a large or small pet, they are sure to have a great time.

Many of us love our pets like family members. Still, planning a vacation with them can be challenging — and there are some specifics pet parents should know before taking their pets on vacation in another state. It’s nothing major and no need to worry about it. But just some formalities are needed to ensure that your pet meets certain requirements. States apply to make sure everyone is safe.

This blog will list essential requirements for bringing your pet/dog to New Smyrna Beach, FL.

With those boxes ticked, it’s all about embarking on seaside adventures with our four-legged pals!

Essential Info: Bringing Your Pet to New Smyrna Beach, Florida from Another State

This blog will dive deeper into some tips for traveling with your pets from another state into Florida, but as far as official documents, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A health certificate from a vet within 30 days, stating your pet is healthy and hasn’t been exposed to rabies.
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination if your pet is three months or older.

Okay, but what’s a Health Certificate?

It’s a form filled out by a licensed veterinarian confirming your pet is healthy and hasn’t been in contact with rabies. This document is officially known as the Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

Note that this document is valid for only 30 days from the vet’s signature.

What about the Rabies Vaccination Certificate?

This certificate is normally provided by your vet at the time of vaccination and includes all the vaccine details. The health certificate discussed above must show the same information.

Does the law require my dog to wear a collar with a rabies tag?

In Florida, a rabies tag is not required, but, as we mentioned above, proof of rabies vaccination is necessary. It’s essential to carry this proof with you when accompanied by your dog outside, as mentioned above.

Are there any applicable exemptions for vaccination?

Yes, elderly or sick pets can be exempted if a vet certifies vaccination would harm them. For more on the exemptions, refer to this link.

What about air travel? Are there any requirements for flying with pets?

Yes, as a rule of thumb, airlines usually require the same health certificate and proof of vaccination described above.

However, each airline may have specific rules and requirements for traveling with pets. Therefore, we highly suggest visiting their website or contacting them directly before making a booking to ensure you have the necessary paperwork and understand their fees and specific requirements.

Where do I find more information on traveling with pets into another state?

For more information on this matter, it’s a great idea to contact state veterinarian offices and consult your trusted veterinarian directly, and for updated requirements, head to the official link of the State of Florida.

There are also pet travel services available. These are like pet travel agents and they come in very handy, especially if your vacation involves international air travel.

More Tips for Traveling with Dogs and Pets in General

Traveling with pets requires careful preparation and consideration to ensure their comfort, safety, and happiness on the road. Here are some extra tips to make the tips smooth for everyone: 

Take your pet to the vet before the trip.

We already mentioned the importance of carrying the right documents with you when traveling to another state with your pet, and this will most likely require a visit to the vet. 

But besides making sure your pet is up to date with all necessary vaccinations, a chat with your vet is very useful before going on a trip for other reasons. For one, they may recommend ways to make your pet calmer and suggest medication and supplements to take on your trip.

Also, this is your opportunity to discuss your pet’s health and stress levels, and these conversations might be very revealing. As much as we love bringing our pets with us on holiday, sometimes the best thing for them is to stay at home with a trusted friend or family member or even with a professional pet sitter.

What to pack for your pet?

Besides medications, health records, and vaccination certificates, there are many other things to pack when going on a trip with your pet.

  • A comfort item: It’s always a great idea to bring along a “comfort item,” such as a blanket or toy your pet loves. These items help to provide a sense of familiarity to whatever new surroundings they find themselves in and really calm their anxiety (yes, like humans, pets also get anxious when going on holidays).

  • A Leash, collar, and an ID tag: You will most definitely want to take your pet outside for a walk in New Smyrna Beach, right? So make sure to pack a leash, collar, and an ID tag with your contact information. Remember that many venues and outside parks that are pet-friendly will still require your pet to be on a leash, so these are essentials to have at hand at all times when you head outside.

  • Grooming items: We want our little buddies to look and feel wonderful, don’t we? So always pack some grooming items, like nail clippers and a brush, as well as clean-up supplies.

  • Waste bags or a travel litter box: Don’t forget to pack waste bags or a travel litter box to responsibly manage your pet’s waste during the journey.

Think about your pet’s comfort and book a pet-friendly accommodation.

There are several options for pet-friendly accommodations in New Smyrna Beach, FL. These are establishments that welcome pets alongside their owners, often providing amenities such as designated pet areas and pet beds.

At Great Ocean Condos, we offer many pet-friendly condos and rentals where both you and your pets will feel right at home. You can take a look at our options on our website and see what suits you best.

Extra tip: practice and train in advance with pet outings

If it’s your pet’s first trip, it’s a wonderful idea to start practicing in advance. You can do this by taking short trips in the car or on public transport with your pet to help them get used to it. 

If they behave well, reward them with treats, toys, or praise when they stay calm. All this will make them feel more comfortable when on the move. This will also help you notice if your pet tends to get really anxious and if they tend to feel motion sickness, in which case you can ask your vet for advice.

Beach-Specific Tips for a Trip with Your Dogs or Pets

Each travel destination has different requirements, including beach destinations like New Smyrna Beach. Now, let’s dive into some specific tips for a trip to the beach with your pets:

  • Check if your pet likes the beach and water first before planning the trip. Not all dogs enjoy the sand and waves. Wondering how to do so? You can check if your dog likes the beach and water by observing their behavior around similar environments near your home, such as lakes or ponds. If your dog shows excitement or interest in water play, they may enjoy the beach. However, if they seem anxious or avoid water altogether, it’s possible they may not enjoy the beach experience.

  • At the beach and parks, consider using a long 10-foot leash and harness to keep your dog safe and prevent them from running away or swimming too far out. These leashes provide more freedom for your dog to move around compared to shorter leashes, while still allowing you to maintain control.

  • Speaking of which, remember to search for dog etiquette and pet policies at specific beaches ahead of time, as some have leash requirements or other rules.

  • Apply dog-safe sunscreen, especially on sensitive areas like ear tips, nose, and paws. Look for a sunscreen specifically formulated for dogs. Besides, you should always limit sun exposure and watch for signs of overheating.

  • Bring supplies like water bowls, poop bags, towels, and toys to make the beach trip comfortable and safe for your dog.

  • Once you get back to your pet-friendly accommodation, rinse your dog thoroughly with fresh water to remove sand and salt, which can damage their coat.

Traveling with pets can sure be a blast, an unforgettable adventure for you and your furry pal! 

Just keep those tails wagging by taking care of these vital details to ensure your pets’ joy and well-being throughout the journey.

Where to Stay With Your Pet in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Want another tip from us? When you visit  New Smyrna Beach, we suggest choosing vacation rentals over hotels to enjoy a place with local vibes and all the privacy you want.

There are plenty of beach vacation properties, cozy condos, and charming homes in this area. This is another way to immerse yourself in the local culture — shop at local markets, stroll through nearby neighborhoods, and dine at local restaurants. 

You’ll truly feel like a local.

For a selection of the very best vacation homes in New Smyrna Beach, visit our booking page. For all of the above, we’ve got you covered. Not to brag, but we are very proud to have earned the official title of one of the “Best Vacation Rental Professionals in the World” from Business Insider.

Want more tips on New Smyrna Beach? Then head to our destination blog. We’ve covered everything from the best restaurants and a nightlife guide to all you need to know about fishing in New Smyrna Beach. And there’s more coming soon!

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