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Green Dining: A Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in and Around New Smyrna Beach

Located in Volusia County, Florida, New Smyrna Beach boasts over ten miles of beautiful golden shores, stretching from the Canaveral National Seashore to the tip of Smyrna Dunes Park on the inlet.

Besides natural beauty, this stretch is dotted with an array of great restaurants and eateries spread across the beach. Although the local cuisine is highly influenced by the seafood tradition, most restaurants in New Smyrna Beach offer a great variety of vegan and vegetarian options.

Since these establishments are not entirely catered to people with alternative diets and food restrictions, it’s very useful to have some local guidance on the best places where you’ll find fantastic vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly eateries.

That’s what we’re here for this time; this blog will bring you a well-curated list of the best vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in New Smyrna Beach. All of them are local gems and are highly committed to catering their food to meet every customer’s needs.

Are you ready for a “green” culinary ride?


Café Verde

Situated in the vibrant heart of New Smyrna Beach along Flagler Avenue, Café Verde deserves a top spot on the list for anyone seeking delicious, locally sourced vegan and vegetarian cuisine in this Florida gem.

While not exclusively vegan and vegetarian, Café Verde presents an extensive array of veg-friendly and gluten-free options. From fresh salads to delectable vegan tacos and pokes, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Must-tries include their lentil soup, guacamole, sautéed Brussels sprouts, and bibimbap, introducing a delightful Asian flavor to the menu. Make sure to leave room for dessert — the Banana Empanada and Flourless Chocolate Cake are truly phenomenal!

Café Verde also boasts a fantastic selection of local beers and refreshing cocktails, such as pineapple mimosas, best enjoyed on their delightful patio with live music, especially during brunch.

Yellow Dog Eats Kitchen & Bar

Yellow Dog Eats Kitchen & Bar is renowned for its barbecue, but even if you’re vegetarian or vegan, there’s also something for you on the menu – the restaurant offers a surprisingly excellent selection of vegetarian dishes. Their vegetarian wraps, tacos, and nachos burst with flavor. Highly praised by customers are side dishes like Jamaican-style jerk cauliflower and Costa Rican-style sweet potatoes.

You can savor their well-prepared food in the outdoor seating area, which is dog-friendly, or indoors, featuring a stylish and festive ambiance.


Cafe del Soul

Serving organic food in a relaxed environment, Cafe del Soul is another excellent choice for veggie delights. The majority of their menu is vegetarian-friendly, offering creative rice and quinoa dishes, along with quesadillas, wraps, and fresh salads. If a particular dish isn’t explicitly labeled as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, the staff is highly accommodating in preparing it to meet your dietary restrictions. Absolute must-tries are the quinoa and Mediterranean Muse wraps. 

What’s more, a kids menu is available and the restaurant also has a deli variety of housemade drinks, fresh juices, and smoothies. 

River Park Terrace

A relatively new addition to New Smyrna Beach, this cozy cottage with a porch and a leafy garden serves all-American classics created with ingredients sourced in the immediate area.

Their seasonal menus feature several vegan and vegetarian options. Highlights include their flavorful French onion soup, ciabatta, fried green tomatoes, fried mozzarella, burrata bowl, coconut curry, portobello mushroom, and all their salads. Don’t forget to order one of their delicious desserts and an espresso before leaving.

From time to time, they host wine tastings, painting events, and live music — there’s always something fun going on. If the day or evening is nice, we highly recommend sitting outside. The patio setting features fire pits, chandeliers, and lovely foliage

Third Wave 

Drawing inspiration from different corners of the globe to fuse various cuisines with southern coastal traditions, Third Wave is a relaxed and cozy spot offering gourmet coffee, sandwiches, and pizzas, as well as global wines and craft beers.

Through their diverse menu, a leaf symbol highlights the veg-friendly dishes that are all amazing. The big stars of Third Wave are their Neapolitan pizzas prepared with fresh homemade dough, Italian-milled blue-label flour, and hand-tossed and oak-fired. The Burrantina pizza is the restaurant’s stellar dish — favored by veg and non-veg customers alike. Vegetarian appetizers, and salads are also available.

The outdoor area, from where you can actually see the kitchen, is adorned with bamboo, palm trees, and other tropical flora. In the evening, fairy lights make everything even more charming.

Service is more than friendly; it’s exceptional. And the fact that they have a very respectful commitment to sustainability is a nice plus.

Norwood’s Restaurant & Treehouse Bar 

This restaurant with a lovely retro feel, housed in what was originally a 1920s gas station, has been a local gem for about 80 years! The food quality? It has always been kept at its highest through the decades.

The vast menu signalizes the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free creations for customers to easily find what they can eat. The options include spinach ricotta dumplings, fried pickles, zucchini bread, house salad, coconut curry, and local mushroom ragout.
Wondering about the treehouse part? The Treehouse Bar was a spruced-up addition made about a decade ago around the oak tree at the fort. It’s the type of magical spot that’s perfect for some cocktails after dinner and maybe even for a date night. Whoever you are with, there’s nothing like enjoying the relaxing breeze from the deck.

Oh, they also have an extensive live entertainment program, including great music, so make sure to check the program out online before you visit.


The Garlic 

Craving an Italian option that’s still vegan and vegetarian-friendly? The Garlic will bring you a taste of Tuscany right to beachside Florida! This lovely eatery combines Italian tradition with local flavors, making it your go-to Italian spot in the region. The menu is excellent, from the entrees to the wine list, and the atmosphere is casually inviting.

Favorites among patrons include pastas like Eggplant Parmigiano, Quattro Cheese Manicotti, Pasta Pomodoro, and Pasta Puttanesca. The standout vegetarian dish? The Eggplant Tower, no doubt—an all-time favorite of locals and visitors alike.

As you can imagine, the interior environment is dominated by the irresistible aroma of garlic. Outdoor seating boasts a lush garden and beautifully lit trees at night, with its large fireplace being its most photogenic feature. They don’t take reservations, but the place has ample seating, so waiting rarely takes long. Even if it did, it would be well worth it!


Extra tip for vegans and vegetarians while traveling in Florida

At Great Ocean Roads, we understand that finding good food as a vegan or vegetarian traveler can be challenging. Among the many hurdles, you may encounter limited food options and cultural resistance from individuals who may not be familiar with diverse dietary needs. 

We hope that with lists like the one above, we can enhance the dining experience for everyone with unique dietary requirements, making travel more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Here are a few extra tips that can make your experience even better when traveling as a vegan or vegetarian:

  • Look for vegan festivals and events: these are becoming more frequent every year, not just in Florida but all around the country. You can enjoy a variety of plant-based foods, learn about new products, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Explore ethnic cuisines: Florida’s cultural diversity is reflected in its cuisine. Besides Thai and Japanese, also keep an eye out for Indian restaurants, which are especially great for vegetarian food.
  • Visit farmers’ markets: Florida has vibrant farmers’ markets where you can find fresh, local produce. Pick up fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based goodies for snacks or picnics during your travels. There’s nothing like cooking at home, especially if you are staying in a beautiful vacation rental by the beach equipped with a top-notch kitchenette.
  • Download apps designed for vegan travelers:  there are several apps designed to assist vegan and vegetarian travelers in finding suitable dining options, recipes, and more. Some notable examples are HappyCow, Vegman, and Vanilla Bean.

A Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in and Around New Smyrna Beach

With a little research, locating vegan and vegetarian-friendly establishments and knowing where to go, your dining-out experience as a vegan or vegetarian diner can be fantastic — all while enjoying the fresh breeze coming from the sea.

For more local insights and tips on what to do in New Smyrna Beach, head to our destination blog. We’ve covered everything from the best restaurants in town and a guide to local nightlife to where to go shopping and even a full guide to a perfect weekend in New Smyrna Beach.

Wondering where to stay in New Smyrna Beach?

Want another tip from us? When you visit  New Smyrna Beach, we suggest choosing vacation rentals over hotels to enjoy a place with local vibes and all the privacy you want.

There are plenty of beach vacation properties, cozy condos, and charming homes in this area. This is another way to immerse yourself in the local culture — shop at local markets, stroll through nearby neighborhoods, and dine at local restaurants. You’ll truly feel like a local.

For a selection of the very best vacation homes in New Smyrna Beach, visit our booking page. For all of the above, we’ve got you covered.

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