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Seaside Sips: The Best Coffee Shops in and Around New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach, in Volusia County, Florida, boasts over ten miles of golden shores that extend from the Canaveral National Seashore to the tip of Smyrna Dunes Park on the inlet. The place is known for being a total beach heaven!

Still, there’s more to it than natural beauty to see. There’s a thriving service scene for food and beverage. Along with great restaurants serving fresh seafood and local establishments contributing to an ever-growing cosmopolitan vibe, you’ll discover superb spots for a well-deserved caffeine fix in New Smyrna Beach.

Boasting different atmospheres, diverse menus, and excellent service, coffee shops in and around New Smyrna Beach provide not only locally roasted coffee but also great bites to go with your daily coffee boost.

If you are planning a vacation in the area, it’s very useful to have some guidance on the right places to go, so you can avoid tourist traps and go straight to the locals’ favorite spots. We’re here to help with this; in this blog, we’ve curated a list of the best coffee shops in and around New Smyrna Beach.

Can you already feel that amazing smell of just-made coffee?

Third Wave Café

In addition to offering brunch and dinner, this local gem in New Smyrna Beach also features a cafe bar where you can enjoy a casual and relaxing caffeine fix — and yes, flip-flops are allowed.

Their cappuccino is said to be the best in town, but Third Wave Café also offers excellent alternatives like cold brews, drip coffee, and a variety of other espresso-based classics. The Cubano, a sweetened double shot of espresso, and Conpana, espresso with whipped cream, are both highly recommended. For those with dairy restrictions, soy, almond, and coconut milk are available, and you can also customize your beverages with their selection of flavored syrups.

The decor exudes a delightful retro vibe, and from its outdoor deck facing Flagler Avenue, you can soak in the vibrant atmosphere while savoring your cup of joe. During your visit, be sure to relish their fantastic brunch on the patio, surrounded by a beautiful garden, elegant decor, and a sculptural fireplace.

Island Roasters Coffee Company

For almost a decade, family-run Island Roasters Coffee Company has been serving high-quality organic coffee in their charming coffee shop and supplying their in-house roasted beans to other establishments in the area.

All their brews and espresso-based beverages are of the best quality, flavor, and intensity.  If you’re more towards milky and sweet drinks, make sure to order their iced mocha with extra whipped cream. Yummy bites, breakfast sandwiches, and bagels are also available. The Deluxe Roast Beef Sandwich, avocado toast, the brie and fig croissant, and the bacon and cheese croissant are absolute must-tries! 

Indoors you get the chance to have a glimpse of the roasting process and feel the amazing smell of the beans being roasted. Outside, the seating area is a relaxing spot for grabbing a coffee and eating al fresco.

Cool Beans Cafe

Reasonable prices, excellent indoor and outdoor spaces, quality coffee, and great bites make Cool Beans Cafe a favored choice among both locals and tourists in New Smyrna Beach. Situated just a few steps from the beach, it’s also the perfect spot to grab a cup of joe before heading to the white sands.

There’s nothing better than stopping by this local favorite on a hot Florida day and savoring an iced latte and cold brew with coffee ice cubes. Cool Beans Cafe sources its coffee beans from Island Roasters, ensuring top-notch quality.

To enhance your caffeine boost, try one of their muffins or pastries. And be sure not to leave without indulging in an Italian ice cream — a perfect delicacy to kickstart a day at the beach, don’t you think?

The indoor seating area exudes beachy vibes and has a space displaying cute souvenir merchandise like T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and stickers. Their delightful courtyard is adorned with plenty of greenery and water fountains, creating a peaceful atmosphere ideal for reading or simply enjoying Florida’s warm weather.

Botanical House

Boasting rustic-chic decor and a homely, relaxing environment, Botanical House is an excellent spot to enjoy coffee with friends, and family, or while catching up on work.

Their diverse menu has special flavored coffee and non-coffee drinks, such as the spiced orange latte and hibiscus lemonade. They also serve delicious sandwiches, wraps, salads, baked goods, cookies, and protein balls that are highly praised by everyone.

As the name suggests, Botanic House is often a go-to place for vegetarians and vegans visiting New Smyrna Beach because of the variety of veg-friendly bites. 

The cozy and warm indoor space gets more attractive because of the good music they play and the display of nice products that are for sale like plants, candles, lotions, and perfumes.



Situated in the lively Venetian Bay Town Center in New Smyrna Beach, BREW is led by coffee enthusiasts who have crafted a distinctive space for enjoying superb coffee, delicious food, and local craft beers.

The team behind this coffee shop takes the brown elixir seriously, and each cup of coffee is meticulously prepared with a handpicked selection of the finest coffee beans. Whether it’s a robust espresso, a flavorful latte, or a cappuccino, all their beverages are sure to satisfy your craving for good coffee. Also try some of their breakfast burritos, fresh salads, and mouthwatering waffles. All their food is sourced from local farmers, aligning with their commitment to sustainable ideals.

After a coffee fix, you’ll want to return to BREW’s modern and minimalist space to savor its well-curated selection of local craft beers and enjoy its creative and trendy ambiance.

Copperline Coffee + Cafe, Port Orange

If you’re wondering about the trendiest coffee shop in the area, Copperline Coffee + Cafe in Port Orange is the answer. Their space not only serves excellent coffee but also offers an amazing community-based environment where locals and tourists mingle.

The coffee is locally roasted, with popular choices including classic options like lattes, cortados, cold brews, and French press. Don’t miss their exceptional seasonal drinks, with the Rosemary Brown Sugar Latte being a true sensation. 

They are also committed to serving fantastic food. Standouts on their menu include Biscuits & Gravy, Banana Bread, Yogurt Bowl, Chicken & Waffles, Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich, Cinnamon Cream Cheesecake, and Triple Layer Chocolate Cake, to name a few.

Copperline has a stylish interior, featuring comfy leather couches, armchairs, and artwork on the walls, the perfect place for hangouts, remote work, or simply experiencing the hip vibes of this local gem.

Sweet Marlays’ Coffee, Daytona Beach

If you’re in New Smyrna Beach but plan to explore the area further, Daytona is also home to some delightful places for a caffeine pit stop. One of them is Sweet Marlays Coffee, a laid-back cafe just a 30-minute drive from Flagler Avenue.

Their diverse menu is well worth the trip. Beyond the old classics, Sweet Marley’s offers a great variety of specialty lattes like Creme Brulee Latte, Beach Day Latte with caramel and sea salt, and Almond N’ Joy Latte prepared with Ghirardelli chocolate, coconut, and almond. 

Non-coffee drinks are also excellent, but their Boba Tea stands out as a top choice. In-house-made pastries and delicious meals are also available — standouts include the chocolate chip cookie, bread pudding, breakfast sandwich, quiche, spinach pie, and the muffin of the day.

You can enjoy all the delicacies at their charming patio or inside. In case you need to catch up on some work, Sweet Marley’s offers great Wi-Fi and several outlets throughout their space.


The Red Bud Cafe, Daytona Beach

Another cozy and relaxed spot in Daytona Beach for coffee and unique food is The Red Bud Cafe.

We recommend enjoying some of their specialty coffee drinks like Iced Macchiato, Italian Macchiato, Aussie Flat White, Affogato, Drip Coffee, and Mediterranean Coffee.

You can also order a delicious smoothie or tea. Red Bud’s differential also lies in their food. They serve amazing sweet and savory French crepes.

Their unassuming space might not be the most attractive, but what shines here is the excellent coffee drinks and delicious food. That’s what makes people come back all the time.

Here’s a tip: don’t forget to order an Aussie Lamington before you ask for the bill. You’ll thank us later.

The Best Coffee Shops in and Around New Smyrna Beach, FL

As you can see, New Smyrna Beach has plenty of amazing coffee spaces to offer, and that’s something that certainly enhances a vacation anywhere in the world.

Want more tips on New Smyrna Beach? Then head to our destination blog. We’ve covered everything from the best restaurants and a nightlife guide to all you need to know about fishing in New Smyrna Beach. And there’s more coming soon!

Wondering where to stay in New Smyrna Beach, FL?

Want another tip from us? When you visit  New Smyrna Beach, we suggest choosing vacation rentals over hotels to enjoy a place with local vibes and all the privacy you want.

There are plenty of beach vacation properties, cozy condos, and charming homes in this area. This is another way to immerse yourself in the local culture — shop at local markets, stroll through nearby neighborhoods, and dine at local restaurants. 

You’ll truly feel like a local.

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