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Socks? Gift cards? Another striped necktie? Tis the season where we wrack our brains for that “oh so perfect” gift! Don’t we all live for the moments when our loved ones tear through the wrapping paper and their eyes ignite with shining excitement as they behold your present? Nothing beats these Hallmark-like scenes; it’s why we’re willing to make ourselves crazy trying to find just the right thing. Stress no more, we’ve carefully researched and curated a unique gift guide that your sun, surf, and sand lover will absolutely flip over. From one beachaholic to another, we guarantee these one-of-a-kind accessories and gadgets will rock their world and get them itching to go on their next beach trip. Not that it’s a competition but… you’ll totally win with these presents.

A Vacation with Hydration

Even when surrounded by miles of water, it’s all too easy for beach-goers to be so busy with fun they forget to hydrate. Beat the sun and sip on some icy cold H20 (or beverage of choice) with these innovative tools that keep drinks easily accessible and perfectly chilled. Goodbye melted, luke-warm drinks and hello hydration!

The Sip Clip – Imagine you’re headed back to your chair after a dip in the ocean and you reach to grab a cool sip of water… only to find to your chagrin that you’re grabbing a sticky, sand-coated bottle. Cringe no more, the Sip Clip is the simple yet ingenious solution to this problem. Just clip the cup holder to your beach chair’s armrest & voila! Your drink remains sparkling clean and the sand and water stay where they properly belong.

Corkcicle Insulated Stemless Wine Cup – This brand is near and dear to our heart as it’s locally based in the nearby Orlando area. Not only will you love sipping from your sleek, trendy cup, but you’ll love how it’s insulated to keep your drinks icy cold and offers specialty features such as a sliding clear lid and a slip-proof silicone bottom. Unfortunately alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed on the beach itself, however you can still enjoy an ocean view and drink whatever you’d like in your Corkcicle when you’re on your condo’s oceanfront patio!

Floating Beach Drink Glass – If you mean to relax in style, you’ll find these break-resistant, long stem glasses to be the perfect combo of classiness and practicality. Sip your drink and stick it back in the sand as you lay on your towel and later bring it with you in the ocean as it floats as well… Just make sure the waves are calm to ensure no spills!

Reusable Stainless Steel “Ice Cubes” – While traditionally used for keeping whiskey chilled, these reusable ice cubes are the BEST for those who love their drinks colder than cold. Pop them in the freezer prior to your beach trip and enjoy hours of extra icy beverages while you lounge in the hot sun. They’re especially great for drinks besides water, since they won’t melt and dilute!

Beach Techno

As much as we vow we’re going “unplugged” at the beach, let’s face it… Our phones have the good music and handy camera that truly enhance the overall experience. These awesome gadgets below have united technology with sand and water in a way that’s easily accessible and completely protective from the elements.

The WakaWaka Solar Powered Charger – If you forget to charge your phone half the time, it’s not likely you’ll remember to plug in the power charger as well. Leave the hassle to the sun as this solar powered charger powers your phone from sunshine-derived energy. You’ll never worry about low battery on the beach again, just give the charger a spot next to your towel and soak up the sunny rays together.

UE’s Waterproof WONDERBOOM 2 Speaker – Meet the ultimate outdoor beach speaker! The WONDERBOOM 2 Speaker boasts a loud, crisp sound for being so small and portable. Along with its waterproof features and built-in hang loop that attaches to your beach chair, it also floats in the ocean and pool!

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch – Snap your photos and check your texts without the crippling fear of water damaging your phone and sand wrecking the lenses. The JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch is a highly reviewed and cost efficient option for keeping your smartphone locked, safe, AND usable while at the beach. Just seal your phone, credit card, or even cash in the case and wear it around your neck for guaranteed safety.

Snack Station

Snacks rank top priority in our beach must-haves; we believe it’s always better to come prepared than risk a “hangry” attack! We’ve compiled our favorite snack-time accessories that eliminate the usual sandy hassle so you can kick back and chow down on your delish beach treats.

The Coolest Cooler – A built-in Bluetooth speaker, a magnetic bottle opener, a secret compartment for personals, a cutting board, knife, and plates, an ice-crushing blender, AND a USB power outlet?? Bye YETI, we think you’ve been replaced! This beach cooler is truly the coolest with its deluxe gadgets and multiple-day ice retention. Bring this along and you’ll enjoy so much more than perfectly chilled drinks and snacks!

Sand Stand – Picnic-style is fun and games until the wind kicks up sand on your freshly sliced watermelon. Save your beachside food from the grainy crunch when you bring along the classy, wooden Sand Stand. Just unfold the table, stick the spike in the sand, and enjoy the two cup holders and ample space for your snacks.

Sun Squad Collapsible Dog Bowl – Don’t forget about Fido! Make sure your furry friend has plenty of water and treats to snack on as he relaxes with you on New Smyrna’s golden shores. You’ll love how easy it is to travel with and how it saves you from making frequent water trips back to your condo.

Skincare Must-Haves

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy, bronzed glow, but beach lovers will want to take every precaution when facing the intense Florida sun. Save the skin from sizzling burns and sun damage with the latest skin protectants listed below.

Sunbum Day Tripper – It would be remiss to not list sunscreen! Fair skin or not, nobody should be laying out in the strong Florida sun without skincare protection. The Sunbum Day Tripper brings the perfect travel-size essentials together in a cute bag; it provides sunscreen, SPF lip balm, and cool down Aloe lotion. Plus the Sunbum brand is excellent in the fact that it is gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan!

La Roche-Posay Skin Sensor and Tracker – It’s all too easy to rub a little sunscreen on and call it a day, only to painfully realize later that your skin rivals that of a lobster’s. Take the guesswork out when you get La Roche-Posay Skin Track UV sensor that measures your UV exposure and sends real-time information to the app on your phone. Simply wear it like a necklace and check the alerts on your phone to know when it’s time to head back in the shade!

Coolibar Clothing – Not a fan of the sticky sunscreen slather? Protecting the good ole epidermis can be as simple as wearing a cute outfit… that’s made with UPF 50+ fabric! Keep with the trends AND secure your UV protection when you’re sporting threads from the innovative clothing brand, Coolibar. From women’s dresses to baby’s swimwear to men’s polos, this brand ensures that no matter the occasion, you’re whole family can be styling and protected from 98% of UV rays.

Customized Floppy Beach Hat – Who doesn’t love a cute floppy hat embroidered with “Living My Best Life” on it? Not only are these adorable beach hats trending, but they also provide chic protection from the sun. We’re all about fashion meeting skin care. Whether you personalize it with a name or a classic “Do Not Disturb”, there’s no escaping the compliments coming your way!

Beach Life Hacks

While these aren’t technically beach necessities, who doesn’t love a fun beach gadget that makes life easier? Give yourself (or your fav person) a little extra spoiling this vacation with these unique accessories that will forever keep you from leaving the sand.

Beachcomber Beach Mat – Beach chair or towel? Get the best of both worlds when you choose the Beachcomber Beach Mat as your designated napping spot. This mat provides the comfortable padding of a towel and the backrest support of a lounge chair. You’ll love how this foldable, lightweight mat saves you from the hassle of carrying clunky chairs to and from the beach.

Lamzac Inflatable Air Lounger – While dragging a couch to the beach isn’t an option, you can still achieve the ultimate plush relaxation by the ocean when you pack the Lamzac Inflatable Air Lounger. All it takes is a simple wave in the air to magically inflate this lounger. Just fill it with the salty air, seal it, and enjoy the comfiest nap you’ve ever had on the beach.

Matador Droplet Wet Bag – Keep this handy on your keychain! This tiny, compact water droplet opens up to a 9 x 10” waterproof bag that’s especially convenient for safely storing your keys and wallet away from rising tides. Once you’re done, just fold up the bag and pop it into the keychain droplet.

The Bondi Beach Tent – Meet the fun alternative to the standard umbrella! The Bondi Beach Tent provides simple sun protection to beach lovers who are tired of trying to stabilize top-heavy umbrellas. With multiple set-up positions and easy assembly, once you try it there’s no going back!

That’s a wrap! Tie these one-of-a-kind beach gadgets and accessories up with a bow and wait for the joyous outbursts (and big hugs!) that are headed your way. Just don’t forget to include the ultimate beach-lover present… A getaway to the beautiful coast! Surprise your loved ones (and yourself!) with a beautiful stay in the New Smyrna Beach area; book online  or call our office at 386-478-7863 to find your perfect spot in the sand!

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