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If there’s one thing Floridians can all agree on, it’s that summer gets HOT. From bright sunshine to heavy humidity, summer in New Smyrna Beach practically requires swimsuit attire and frequent dips in the ocean. While Florida’s famously high temps make for terrific beach weather, you’ll need proper preparation to enjoy it safely! Fill your beach bag to the brim with sunscreens, hats, water bottles, and all the cooling gear needed to keep you safe from the sun. We’ve created a list of summer essentials below that you can easily add to your cart and order for your NSB vacation.


Supergoop PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50

While nobody loves lathering on sunscreen, the process isn’t quite so bad when it comes in cute packaging and is made with clean ingredients. Supergoop’s PLAY Everyday Lotion Sunscreen provides an 80-minute shield between your skin and Florida’s sun. Whether you work up a sweat running on the beach or get soaked from a surf sesh, Supergoop’s SPF 50 is resilient against any beachy element. We love how it’s made with great ingredients that benefit both you & the environment (who knew that wearing the right kind of sunscreen could make you a reef-saving hero?!). This all-in-one lotion is safe for the face, body, and children.

Coola’s Refreshing Water Mist Organic Face Sunscreen

Bring your fine-tuned skincare routine to NSB’s shore with Coola’s Water Mist Sunscreen. Kick back in your beach lounger and simply spritz your face for a refreshing coat of SPF 18. While it feels like a pampering product, this mist is an active protectant against sun exposure, HEV light, infrared light, and even pollution. In place of the typical sunscreen smell is organic coconut and aloe water that’s as refreshing as the paradise you’re in.

Water Bottles

Que Bottle

Gone are the days of lugging water coolers and weighting your tote with an assortment of bottles! The Que Bottle is the beach-goer’s best friend as it frees up bag space and gives you one less thing to carry. Simply shrink it to its 4-inch size when you’re on the go and expand it when you’re ready to fill up and hydrate. These bottles come in a colorful assortment and best of all… they’re dishwasher safe!

The Coldest Bottle

If you’re the type that needs their water to rival that of the Arctic Ocean’s, than The COLDEST Sports Bottle is a must-buy. This sports bottle challenges science as it keeps beverages at an icy temperature despite the blazing, surrounding weather.  Besides its 36-hours-cold guarantee, this bottle was built with beach days in mind as it magically floats in the ocean/pool. Ditch the excuses and bring this H20 lifesaver wherever you go for refreshing hydration.


Lululemon Both Ways Bucket Hat

The fashion industry has spoken… Bucket hats are back in! Try out the trend and protect your skin with Lululemon’s Both Ways Bucket Hat. Depending on your mood, you can reverse it to display a fun print or a simple neutral tone. With lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric and an extra-wide brim, this accessory is just as much as a beach essential as it is a fashion statement.

Coolibar Crestone UV Face Mask UPF 50+

In light of government recommendations and an increase in health concerns, face masks have become an apparel staple. While there’s plenty of space to social distance in New Smyrna Beach, mask-wearing is strongly recommended. Coolibar’s Crestone UV Face Mask is the perfect light-weight option that doubles as protection against UV rays. Unlike a typical mask that stops at the chin, this accessory extends past the neck for ultimate skin coverage. Please note that this mask isn’t medical grade. See www.cdc.gov for mask recommendations.

Cooling Gear

Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel

While the ocean will always be our #1 recommendation for cooling off, the Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel is a close second. If you’re not ready to ride the waves, this inexpensive cooling towel is an easy fix to beat the heat. Soak it in water, wring it out, and drape it around your neck like beach royalty. Hot sand between your toes, sunshine on your face, and not a drop of sweat to be found… this towel is the ultimate summer day hack!

Chill Seeker Cooling Vest for Dogs

If Fido has never experienced a 90-degree summer, you’ll want to come equipped with more than just a water bowl. The Chill Seeker Cooling Vest for Dogs is an adorable, full-body accessory that’s works for any size or breed of dog. Besides the cute-factor, this vest grants you the peace of mind that your dog is safe to play without overheating.  While New Smyrna Beach doesn’t allow furry friends on its shore, the nearby Smyrna Dunes Park has a pet-friendly beach where your fur-baby can get their dose of Vitamin Sea. Just wet the vest with water, fasten it around your pup, and let Fido freely play in the sunshine.

Click “Add to Cart” and come armed with these summer essentials for a safe day in New Smyrna’s heat. While these items are imperative, there’s one major essential you cannot skip… a vacation condo or home! Our vacation rentals are relaxing, air-conditioned havens you can turn to when you need a break from Florida’s heat. Browse our selection of condos and homes online or call us at 386.478.7863 to place your summer reservation today!

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